"Darn, It's Not Loretta!"

"Banana! Guess what I just realized! I like stew! I had no idea before!" Jack cried out with a look of pure excitement on his face, it was as though Christmas had come early for him. I rolled my eyes skywards at how childish Jack could be sometimes and allowed my mind to wander slightly.

It hadn’t wandered far however when I was bought back to reality as Zahkon got confidently to his feet and started towards jack after muttering to me to stay put.

“I’d like a word in private” he asked jack still more confidently.

“We would all like things that we can’t have” he said in a kidish voice which seemed to enrage Zahkon as his tattoos began to glow.

“I was only being polite by asking” Zahkon growled, and the look on his face must have indicated to Jack that he wasn’t messing around as he got up and pushed passed Zahkon and started walking towards the clearing, out of sight and earshot.
I stood up, gave Zahkon a quizzical look, he shook his head at me and hurried after Jack, his tattoos still glowing brightly against the gloom of the marshes.

I went and sat on a log next to Yara who seemed deep in thought and only seemed aware that I was there after I waved my hand in front of her face.

“Oh sorry, I was miles away” she mumbled,

“Miles away meaning in….” I pointed south, “Towards the sea?” I asked her,

“You and me both” I mumbled, taking a moment to reflect on how good it would feel to be back in the sea.

“I mean don’t get me wrong…” she said, quickly rectifying herself, not that she needed to. “I am glad I am here and I wouldn’t miss a chance to explore the land and learn the ways of the humans.”

“I understand Yara and I agree with you. I was talking to Zahkon earlier and we were talking about what will happen after the quest, and he was willing to give up the forest for me and….” I trailed off and it was only when Yara nudged me and prompted me with an interested “and…?” that I remembered that I had stopped talking midsentence.

“Well I said we would work something out, and he said that as long as I was happy. What about you what will you do?” I asked, quickly shifting the topic away from Zahkon and me.

“What do you mean what about me?” she asked perplexed.

“What will you do after the quest?” I prompted.

“Well I want to learn the human ways and see more of the land but other than that I’ll go back to the sea” she concluded simply. I knew that she was only saying it however, I knew that her love of the land was now far greater than her love of the sea. It would still be her home but Yara was the type who needed adventure and both she and I knew that she wouldn't find it in the safety net of the sea. She was only saying it so that i wasn't alone in missing our home.

“What about you and…” I lowered my voice, “… and Destran?” I asked, hoping she would get my hint but obviously she didn’t or feigned dumbness.

“What about me and Destran?” she asked.

“Well you can’t not have noticed to obvious ….” I paused carefully choosing the right word.

“The obvious what?”

“….chemistry between you both” I finished - and then she twigged.

“There is nothing, I repeat nothing going on or ever will go on between me and Destran” she hissed angrily, “I wish everyone would stop insinuating that there is!” she said her eyes darkening slightly.

“Okay okay, I was only asking” I hissed back, my eyes darkening in annoyance as she was obviously denying her true feelings towards Destran …. It was sickeningly obvious.

Suddenly and without warning my vision blurred and all I was aware of pain, pain ripping through my body and no idea of where it had come from or what had caused it. I let out a scream and the pain ripped its way across my body and felt myself hit the ground.

I heard Yara, scream my name in shock and the sound of breaking twigs and if I had been able to see I would have guessed that Zahkon and Jack had arrived back. It turned out that my guess was correct as the last thing I heard before my hearing was lost completely and I was engulfed by total darkness was;

“Darn, it’s not Loretta its only Lyra …. In which case idiot, you really do need to learn how to aim!”

The End

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