“Don’t worry, I’ll have you out of there in a second” Zahkon called stretching his arm out to tug me out of the quicksand which was waist high. We had now been lost in the Marshes for days, true Urysus was now leading us in the right direction but I had a sneaky suspicion that he didn’t have the faintest idea where the hell he was going which was probably why I was currently stuck waist high in quicksand.

It’s a funny sensation being in quicksand (for a sievere anyway) as it is made of not only water, but sand, clay and salt meaning that the part of my body in the quicksand was currently in a state which wasn't liquid but it wasn't solid either. A peculiar feeling, and not one I liked or wished to repeat.

With a great tug, I was wrenched free from the quicksand’s grasp by Zahkon, I smiled lovingly at Zahkon then scowled at Urysus for it had been his fault I had gotten stuck in the first place. He had been at the back of the group talking to (or rather at) Brena who had been looking uninterested, then he had seen something ahead of us and had bustled off to get to the front, next to Destran and in the process had knocked me out of the way. I had been sure that as he had passed he had muttered; “Out of the way water witch” before shoving me out of his path.

“How much further until we get anywhere near the stones possible location Destran?” I asked, unable to keep a note of annoyance out of my voice, even though I knew it wasn’t his fault.

Before Destran could reply however Urysus answered, “Not for now Miss Lyra, not long I promise.” I nodded uncertainly, unsure about whether anyone could trust a promise from Urysus.

“I don’t like him” I muttered to Zahkon, who squeezed my hand at this and said,

“I know what you mean, he is a tad creepy isn’t he”

“A tad?  A tad, a lot creepy if you ask me, I am starting to question my sanity as to why I decided to come on this wild goose chase, I mean we haven’t gotten any closer to finding the stone, I mean, I knew it wouldn’t be easy but this is taking the mick!”

“What’s wrong Lyra? Are you missing the sea?” Zahkon asked, a worried tone in his voice, “Just a tad” I admitted.

“I thought you must be,” Zahkon said, “Your mood has been quite subdued ever since we came to the marshes, I knew something was wrong.”

“It’s just a creepy place to be that’s all” I said, following Zahkon’s lead as we dodged yet more quicksand.

I was beginning to see what my parents meant about the world above, not all of it was as beautiful as I thought ….. and especially not the marshes!

The End

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