It was slow going. And I mean, slow going. Urysus had no clue where he was going, it was obvious in the way he tested each step two or three times before he took it. I stepped after him and often found myself knee deep in marsh water.

"I hate this marsh." I said after one of these times. My sword was out and I was hacking away at one of the scraggly bushes growing near the "path," trying desperately not to cut Urysus head from his shoulders. Of course, that may have been because of that time he'd gotten into some quicksand and we'd all had to pull him out, losing two precious hours when we could have been making some progress.

Now, finding a patch of dry earth large enough for the six of us, I called for a rest and pulled out my holey map.

"Are we any closer to here!" I pointed at the hole that depicted the Stone's probable location in the marshes while shoving that map in front of Urysus' face.

"N-N-No sire." Urysus stuttered and there was a general groan from the rest of the group. "I thought you wanted to get out of the marshes, not deeper into them."

I shoved the map into my bag again before he could get a good enough look to see what the holes depicted. "So you've been  leading us in the wrong direction." It wasnt a question. Urysus' eyes slid away from mine and I drew back my sword. "Give me one good reason not to run you through right now out of sheer convenience."

"No Sire!" Urysus dropped to his knees faster than you can say quicksand. "You need me. I can help you."

"The center of the marshes. Now." I ordered, and we started moving again. I followed Urysus, sword still out, Yara behind me, then Brena, then Lyra, then Zahkon. A single file procession, trudging through the marshes.

"I hate the marshes." I muttered again.

The End

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