Setting Off

I was doing my usual and reading books on various military strategies and techniques until I was interrupted by one of my scouts, Thudum.

He was a very useful scout, however he never had any manners and always rudely barged in when I'm doing important stuff. He was bald, he has been since he was a very young age. He also had a scar along his face that he acquired during the great war.

"Sir, a suspicious group arrived in Kalajes a couple of days ago" he said hastily. 
"What kind of suspicious?" I asked, sounding rather uninterested, with my eyes still at the book.
"There was 3 humans, 2 Sieveres and a Falath'Nakan"
"Yes, a rather usual group, but why does this concern me?"
"One of them was Prince Destran"

That got my attention...

"Destran? Sethos was right" I immediately jumped off of my chair and started rummaging through the papers on my desk until I found a scroll "Here it is"
"What is it?" Thudum asked, shuffling closer until I shot him a sinister stare. 
"It is a forged letter Sethos made in the king's name, that I will give to the Prince to make him think I was hired by his father" 
"Why would you need a forged letter?"
"Do you think he would just let me join if I asked? I'm a Vaan! He wouldn't trust me, and he still probably won't regardless"

I went over to my wall and got my weapons, I spun my spear a couple of times, then armed my bow and pointed an arrow at Thudum. He started backing away and his face was full of fear, I chuckled and put my bow onto my back. 

"Do you have any other information for me Thudum?" I asked without looking at him, as I was busy putting my stuff away
"Yes sir! Um..." He started to think, eventually he had a look on his face that looked like he forgotten. Why do I even bother to hire these useless scum?
"Any information on the Falath'Nakan?"
"Oh yes, well, kind of. I only caught a glimpse of him, but I could swear I saw blue face markings"
"Destran seems to be the ringmaster of a bunch of circus freaks... Dismissed Thudum"

I threw a bag of gold at him, which he failed to catch and it went all over the floor.  He got onto his knees and started to pick up the gold one by one, pathetic creature. After he was done picking up the gold, I pushed him out of my home. 

I went out shortly after him, as I got outside yet another scout walked up to me.

"Sir, Prince Destran's group were last seen walking out into the Lost Marshes, if you hurry you could catch up to them"
"I see, thank you for the information, dismissed" I waved him away with my hand as I walked out into the marshes.

The End

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