I doled out my usual stew for dinner, it had become a staple for our journey, and though, it was delicious, I was getting tired of it. The new guy, Urysus, had now been with us for several days and he seemed to be growing on us. There was just something about his helpless attitude that led us all to take him under our wing. He took his bowl eagerly and ate with gusto alone in a corner of our circle. He kept going on about a monster, who was hunting us, or hunting him, the story changed frequently, I could never keep it straight. Urysus was very vague when it came to the identity of the monster. He was going on about it now:

"He is a great threat, well, I remember when we fou..." He cut off quickly, looking like he said too much. I rolled my eyes and focused on my own bowl of stew, stepping over to sit near Lyra and Zakhon.

“Fou-?” Lyra repeated Urysus’ last syllable. “What does that mean?”

“Nothing.” Urysus said quickly. “Brena, what do you put into this stew, it gets better every day!” I smiled at the praise, happy for a lighter subject.

“Well, it’s just the usual, dried meat and vegetables that we had with us. But I found these great mushrooms today!” I held up a large brown mushroom to show the rest of the group to see.

“I just used the heads, these veins looked questionable to me.” I pointed to the bright blue lines on the stalk, standing out against the tan of the rest of the mushroom.

“No, Brena, those have healing properties! Those are very rare, where did you find them!” Urysus exclaimed. I gestured vaguely, I had just found them on our march through the marshes, and it seemed of little importance at the time. The group fell silent without me carrying on the conversation. I glanced around.

“Jack’s been gone a long time… I hope he’s alright.” I muttered, mostly to myself.

Urysus overheard. “Jack? Jack who?” He leaned forward interested. I shook my head.

“Nobody, he just left.”

“Well, then, forget him miss. He abandoned you and your quest.” Urysus said, bluntly. I nodded, and saw the others do the same. Silence fell as we all went back to our stew.

The End

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