Staying On Guard

“Do not fear Young One; he cannot harm you, yet”. Urysus said calmly, offering Zahkon his bony hand to help pull him up, which Zahkon politely refused before getting to his feet unassisted.

I hurried over to him and brushed his jet black hair out of his face; he was pale and felt cold, something which worried my greatly as Zahkon was usually so warm.

“Are you okay, you were talking to me then your eyes seemed to loose their focus and you collapsed, I was very worried” I asked him, he pulled me closer to him, kissing the top of my head by means of telling me that he was fine and didn’t need fussing over.

“You all need to stay alert, the monster could be anywhere and he won’t give up until he has killed anything and everything in his path” Urysus said, sounding slightly excited, something which made my blood boil and my eyes burn black.

“Look Urysis….”

“Urysus” the man corrected

“Whatever your name is, will you just pack it in with the whole, the monster is going to kill us malarkey, it’s not helpful seeing as though you haven’t really elaborated much on who this monster is other than you used to teach him,” I snapped taking a step forward and withdrawing my blade.

“Lyra, calm down,” Yara said, placing a hand on my shoulder and I felt some of the blackness drain out of my eyes, “give him a chance” she murmured.

I stepped backwards and rejoined Zahkon who still looked pale and allowed him to place a comforting arm around me. I don’t know whether it was my longing to swim in the sea after being away from it for so long, but something had made me keen to protect the things closest to me more than ever.

And a man telling us we were all going to die because of ‘monster’ we know nothing about would undoubtedly make me raise my guard up still further.

I didn’t trust him, no matter how genuine he seemed.


Over the next few days of travelling however my anger at the newcomer seemed to lesson and I found myself agreeing with him more and starting to trust him. Awkward silences over meal times seemed to linger over the group now and whereas before they were relaxed if not a little annoying because of Jack, now the tension could be sliced with a knife.

I got the impression that although the newcomer was slowly worming his way into our group, no-one trusted him completely …. Yet!

The End

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