On Edge

Listening to the mans story set my teeth on edge. I tried hard not to clench or grind them together as I listened to his "I'm still loyal to you"s and other sycophantic utterings.

He was a worm, hardly worthy of attention, he had no posture, no Spine, he hunched forward as he spoke, his hands clasped together like a sick praying mantis. His wheedling tone grated on my ears as I did my best not to kill him where he stood, his lack of dignity was insulting. Finally he finished his story and I realized I had better be diplomatic.

"If sethos' palace is so safe," I began, an accusing tone creeping into my voice, "what are you doing here, in the marshes, following us?"

"Sire," he wheezed, I cringed inwardly at the voice. "I came to you to warn you of the traitorous monster that escaped from me all those years ago I came to warn you of him, and ask for your protection from him." He wrung his hands.
"What if I don't grant it?" I shot back, truly irritated.
"You would be signing my death sentence. Sire, I do not think your noble self would be able to."
"I could handle it." I said, unsheathing my sword. "Don't test me." I put the point under his frail chin. "If you think I believe one word you said--"
"Destran." Yara, calm voice of reason, interrupted me. "Give him a chance."
I frowned, but sheathed my sword. "Fine." I said, watching Urysus visibly relax. "He can lead the way through the marshes." I smiled, a small secret smile, as the weasel stiffened and went pale.

The End

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