Strange Murmurs

Valenstar stormed off from the group after his little rant at us for saving him. It seemed strange that he had given out to me for being upset when Brena saved me when all I wanted to do was die so that the pain would stop, and yet here he was trying to get himself killed and blaming us for saving him. He’s a strange creature. I went to my knees to hold Lyra and to comfort her after what Valenstar had done in nearly killing us. She collapsed into my chest and started sobbing as she gave out about Valenstar’s behaviour.

“I’m going after him. We can’t get through this without his help. And I want to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. Again” Brena stated as she took up her axe and turned to follow Valenstar into the swamps, but before she had taken a step she bumped into a curious little man whom had materialised from nowhere.

“Oh, I beg your forgiveness warrior maiden” He simpered while he lowered his head to her. “I didn’t mean to startle you”.

“Who are you?” Destran inquired immediately. The man shuffled a few steps towards Destran.

“My Prince” He intoned while lowering his head further towards the ground.

“Stop grovelling” Destran commanded with a wave of his hand. “How do you know who I am? And I repeat, who are you?”. At this point I lost interest and turned back to Lyra who had quietened down. My attention was recaptured when Destran pulled his sword free of its sheath and put it to the man’s throat. Lyra and I both jumped to our feet. I pulled an arrow into my bow and aimed it at the small man’s head while I watched for a threatening move. Lyra gripped my hand and watched perplexed by the scene unfolding in front of us. Destran and the little man were arguing about something but I couldn’t quite keep up with the story. It stopped when Yara stepped into the fray.

“Destran. He’s a beaten old man, let him tell his story” She almost commanded Destran. He stepped back and lowered his sword but kept a tight grip on it and held it ready.

“Alright. Tell us your story, old man” She proceeded.

The old man stepped backward out of the range of Destran’s sword and mumbled something. It was extremely difficult for me to understand him, yet nobody else seemed to have this problem so I remained quiet and on the look-out as he told his story.

The End

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