Urysus' Tale

“I have never met anyone so uncouth and downright arrogant in all my life!” I muttered to Zahkon as I watched Jack leave. We had saved his life and all he did in a way of thanking us was blow his top, I made a mental note that next time Jack was ever in a situation where he might die I would stand back and let it happen …. Even though Jack couldn’t die, or at least what we had seen of him suggested that he couldn’t die.

"I'm going after him. We can't get through this without his help. And I want to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Again." Brena announced getting up and grabbing her axe. She turned to go after Jack but found the way ahead blocked by an old dishevelled looking man whom Brena had nearly walked straight into.

"Oh, I beg your forgiveness warrior maiden!" The man simpered; bowing so low his head hovered by his knees. "I didn't mean to startle you!" He didn't straighten up, but craned his neck to look up.

“Who are you?” Destran asked him;

"My Prince!" the man said bowing even lower at the sight of Destran who far from looking pleased that he was being worshipped looked half startled, half annoyed.

"Stop groveling." The man straightened, mostly. Destran continued, "How do you know who I am? And I repeat, who are you?"

"I am but a simple servant, majesty. I have been looking for you, to warn you of a monster that may turn you from your quest!" The man bowed again.

Destran sighed exasperatedly shaking his head, "I need a name, a title, something."

"I am Urysus." The man stated simply and at this name Destran withdrew his sword looking furious, I grabbed tightly to Zahkon’s hand quite frightened by Destran’s sudden change in mood.

"Traitor!" he snarled. Urysus backed away, hands out.

"No, no sir! I am loyal only to you! I had to go into hiding after that monster was set loose, I only went to your uncle because he would be able to protect me from it!" Destran put his sword at Urysus' throat.

"Why would Sethos protect you, if you weren't loyal to him?"

"B-because I told him that I would serve him. But I was lying sir! I swear it; I am loyal only to you!"

"Destran." Yara stepped forward. "He's a beaten old man, let him tell his story."

Destran stepped back and lowered his sword, but he didn't put it away.

"Alright. Tell us your story, old man."

 Urysus stepped backwards slightly away from Destran but his head remained bowed slightly and he was mumbling his thanks to Destran for sparing his life.

“I used to work at the palace and was trusted by many people, including the king and queen, The king would confide in me about his worries about the war and how that if we didn’t do something drastic we would surely lose the war, something which deeply troubled the king …. It was probably due to the stress of the war that the king earned his first grey hair” Urysus said with a chuckle but stopped abruptly due to the scowl placed on Destran’s face.

“So what did the king do?” I asked Urysus tentatively.

“I was given a young boy to train, a very special boy, a boy who could influence the war. The king made it my responsibility to train this boy, and I took great pride in knowing that I was helping the king, but the boy became a monster and betrayed the kingdom, using his new found abilities for evil which would assist our enemies rather than us.”

“Then what happened?” I pressed, becoming quite interested in the story, even if there was something about Urysus I didn’t trust.

“He killed anyone that got in his way and forced me out of the kingdom and lost me the valued trust I had earned from the king so I had to seek shelter from Sethos, however all my loyalties have always remained with the king,” This last had been to Destran who was looking at Urysus like dirt and his hand had reached for his sword again – although he didn’t withdraw it.

“Why should we trust you?” I asked him bravely, stepping forward and standing next to Destran who was shaking with fury, he obviously wasn’t convinced by Urysus’s story.

“Because I speak only the truth.”

The End

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