I was nervous, of course. A town on the edge of the Lost Marshes, populated by both humans and Vaan. I didnt like it. We were far enough away from Hava not to be recognized, but I was more worried about getting stolen. Then again, we had very little to steal. What money I had was kept on my person, right next to my sword, if anyone made a move for it, they'd get slashed first.

Not far off, I heard yelling and rather familiar cries of pain. Valenstar, causing trouble. Again. I didnt bother following the noise, but rather turned away from it and headed toward the edge of town, where the rough wooden buildings began to thin out. At the very edge, a small hill, topped with a scraggly tree, overlooked the marshes. It was hard to make out details. I couldnt see any path through it, no settlements, no towns, not even a collection of huts to indicate any life.

But somewhere inside that maze of plants and water was a possible location of the Stone. We needed to find it, and soon. I could feel it, deep inside me, pulling me forward. Find the Stone, find the Stone. I think this was turning into a bit of an obsession.

The End

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