Once we had reached the beach I separated from the group. I sat on my own staring out at the boat as it slowly sank into the depths of the sea. It was a pity that the wood of the boat had gone to a waste, the Gods would not be happy with this. I was broken from my reverie when the new girl sat down beside me. I looked round at her, both confused and annoyed.

"Hi" She said quietly. "Um, nice work, back there"

"What are you doing?" I asked, wondering why she would come talk to me.

"Oh... I, um... We haven't been officially introduced yet, so... I'm Brena, nice to meet you" She stuck out a hand. I gazed at her hand for a moment and cautiously shook it.

"Zahkon" I said slowly.

"Nice to meet you" She grinned, as she leapt back to her feet leaving me wondering what had just happened.

"Soup in a little while!" She said over her shoulder as she walked back to the others.


We left the beach the next morning and started off towards our new destination. We travelled for about a week. All through the week Valenstar was very withdrawn and not his usual annoying self. It was quite quiet without him shouting or singing. It was almost peaceful. It seemed I wasn’t the only one to notice this adjustment in behaviour. The others looked at him strangely too, wondering what was going on in his head. They even dared question him about it, but they received stupid answers to their questions and soon gave up on him.

When he did annoy us though it was difficult to hold myself back from shooting arrows at him. The second day into the trek I lost my cool and blasted him with magic, sending him hurtling a large distance away from us. It was a momentary reprieve but it was the best any of us could do.

Every evening when we stopped for the night, Valenstar would make me fight with him. I was slowly getting better but was still pretty much useless with the unwieldy blade. As the week passed Lyra joined the fights. This made me extremely uncomfortable. Not only was she willingly putting herself in danger, but she and Valenstar were getting a bit too close for comfort. It was as if she had started training just to see how I would react. Soon though, the rest of the group joined the training, all except Destran. The increased numbers gave Valenstar less time with Lyra which was good, but it showed me how bad with a blade I was compared to the others.

With the group distracted with the training, it gave me time to steal Lyra away so we could be alone and not have to suffer the glares of a disapproving Yara. Lyra however, did not seem to notice nor care about this. She was perfectly happy to stay with the group all of the time which frustrated me, no end. On several occasions Brena had come to talk to me while I was on my own. The conversations were short and slightly unfriendly on my part. I was confused as to why she was talking to me, and was worried as to her motives. If she intended to steal me from Lyra she would fail miserably.

By the end of the week we reached a small town with a strange name, and even stranger inhabitants. They were very small, and Destran warned me to watch them closely as they would steal anything they could find. The group split and we went our separate ways. I followed Lyra while she gathered what supplies she would need for the onward journey. When she was finished we walked around the town for a while but I soon became bored of the ground and wished to be free up in the trees. I asked Lyra to accompany me but she refused with a smile and a light kiss on my cheek.

“Have fun, and don’t hurt yourself” She said while hugging me before walking off toward where we had seen Brena go a few moments earlier.

I leapt up into the nearest tree and ran.

The End

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