Spit it Out

Why had I chosen to follow Jack? I berated myself after I went off alone to let off some steam. I understood that he was joking, most of the time. But Jack was far better a liar than I had given him credit for initially. I thought he had been serious and to top it off..!

I swung my axe furiously, trying to calm down. The poor bush in front of my was starting to look more like kindling than a living bush. It's good that Zakhon isn't around, he'd probably yell at me for the harm to a living creature or something. I wasn't in the mood for any one at the moment. I heard foot steps behind me and spun around raising my axe. Lyra raised her hands, I lowered the weapon.

"Hi Lyra." I greeted her. "Where's Zakhon?" She shrugged, moving closer to me now that I wasn't brandishing a blade at her. I put the axe back in it's holder on my back.

"Zakhon is off in the woods somewhere, I think he was tired of being in town." Lyra mused. I nodded, uncaring. Lyra examined me closely.

"What did he do?" She asked. I feigned ignorance, cringing internally.


"I know you went off with Jack, and we all know how he gets. Did he finally do something to you?"Lyra pried.

I nodded, but said nothing. Lyra asked a few more questions, but i didn't answer any of them. Tired of thinking about it, and unwilling to say anything, I stood, taking out my axe again.

"Lyra, if you don't mind I have a couple of drills to do." I swung my axe a bit. "Gotta stay sharp!" I said with a grin. I held the grin until she disappeared, then let it slip back into a scowl and turned back to the tattered bush.


I came back to the village, my temper had finally fought it self out and I felt more comfortable and ready to talk when I saw Lyra screaming her head off, looking very, very drunk. Coming closer I saw Jack laughing nearby and a piece of bread in Lyra's hand. Lyra suddenly crumpled to the ground. I stepped forward more quickly but Lyra stood up, shaking and thrust her knife, literally, into Jack's nose. The quick healing of his face made the knife stay, protruding from his face like some strange horn.

"Nasty." I heard Lyra say.

"I think it's an improvement." I sauntered up, enjoying the look of complete astonishment on Jack's face. He was going cross-eyed looking at the knife. Lyra and I giggled. Jack's face broke into a wolfish grin.

"You like it eh?" He mused. "Then I may as well keep it in." He stroked the knife hilt. "I'm sure Lyra wont miss her trusty little blade." Lyra stopped laughing suddenly, and reached for the handle. Jack backed up, dodging her attempts at the knife, laughing all the while. I joined in, enjoying the game and together Lyra and I backed Jack into a corner between two shops.

"Don't worry ladies, there's plenty to go around." He winked. I pushed him against the wall, my hands on his shoulders, grateful the the knife kept his face away from mine.

"Now Lyra!" I shouted and Lyra tore the knife out of the cartilage. I leaped back from the spurt of blood as it came out.

"Dmm! tht hrts!" Jack held onto his nose as it healed, his voice muffled by his palms. Lyra and I backed away into the square. "That's what you get for giving me sugar!" Lyra shouted at him, and we both ran down the street. Our hour was up and it was time to meet the others.

The End

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