Sugar Rush

I took the bread cautiously from Jack; although I trusted him more ever since he had saved my life I was still weary of him. I took a cautious nibble; it tasted okay – more than that, it tasted incredible! I sense of ease washed over me as I took a bigger bite of the bread, for some reason nothing mattered anymore. My brain became hazy, like I couldn’t think properly or my sense of reality was becoming skewed, I felt my eyes turn the palest of blues – almost white and a giggle escaped my mouth.

“Jack …. Wha …. What was in thaaaat…. bread?” I asked my sentence sounding slurred.

“It was just bread” Jack said feigning innocence badly, whatever was in that bread it was nice, I took another bite and felt light on my feet, like I could do anything, like I could fly like a Tikita. I began running around, a broad grin fixed on my face and arms outstretched;

“Look at me, I’m a Tikita” I called to Jack who looked amused and was shaking with laughter. He began to run after me and scooped me off my feet and held me above his head, I stretched my arms out and shouted,

“Look at me I’m flying!” as Jack began to run around with me above his head, and I giggled insanely.

Jack placed me back on the ground and I stared at him;

“Hey, why’d you stop” I asked in a whining voice, I went to poke him playfully in the chest however I lost my footing, missed Jack by miles and landed on my bottom on the ground. I giggled madly and passers-by looked at me like I was insane, a few of them rolled there eyes in my direction, nudging their friends and pointing at me.

I took another big bite out of the bread and ate it with zest, then jumping to my feet I ran at full pelt towards Jack who had his back towards me, I jumped at the last second and landed on his back making him yelp in surprise.

“Darma Back ride” I squealed, wiggling my legs with enthusiasm, trying to encourage him to move.

He seemed to contemplate this for a moment then began running at superhuman speed, my surroundings becoming a multicoloured blur around me and the wind blowing my hair wildly.  I screamed with enjoyment and delight, one arm wrapped around Jacks neck, clinging on so I didn’t fall off the other in the air waving the bread around like a trophy that I had won.

Jack slowed down and finally stopped and I found myself sliding off Jacks back and laying on the ground, the world spinning around me, the bread still clasped in my hand.

I laughed, pointing upwards at the sky,

“Look, in the sky, is it a bird, is it something else…… no its LYRA” I shouted.

The world stopped spinning and I was able to focus on my surroundings a little more, the buildings that surrounded me were tall, grey and old looking and in my opinion they looked pretty dull.

“Those buildings need to be coloured” I giggled as Jack pulled me to my feet,

“Oh this is classic” Jack muttered, “Do it Lyra, go colour the buildings in” he said enthusiastically, whist stifling a laugh – I had no idea what he was laughing at but I didn’t really care.

I took a few steps towards the buildings before I realised I had nothing to colour the buildings in with, I turned to look at Jack to ask him what to colour them in with when a white hot pain shot across my head.

I dropped to my knees, threw the bread I was still holding aside and clasped my head in agony as it felt as though it was burning.

“What the hell was in that bread!” I shouted, my eyes screwed up tight and the pain met an almighty crescendo and then began to ebb away.

When the pain was gone I got slowly to my feet and glowered at Jack whose smile had faltered.

“Well?” I demanded, “What was in that bread!” I spat maliciously.

“Erm…. Sweets” he said, his voice quieter than normal.

“You idiot!” I shouted, “Why do you think I said no when you suggested that we went to the sweet shop?” I asked him. He shrugged and I continued,

“Sweets give a Sievere an almighty sugar rush which makes them hyperactive.”

“Yeah, I noticed that, but what happened just then?” Jack asked.

“After the sugar rush a Sievere gets the equivalent to what you might call a hangover however it is excruciatingly painful and could potentially kill a Sievere!”

“It was funny to watch” he muttered.

I withdrew my blade and threw it at Jack, the blade sliced Jack’s nose right open and it began to bleed, but as it bled it also began to weave itself back together as though invisible stitching was sowing his nose up. I watched his nose completely heal, however it had healed with my blade still embedded in his nose.


The End

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