I was quite depressed for a day, we had lost the pirate ship and everybody assumed I was bested by that Vandrial. I just want to point out however that I did not lose to it through lack of skill, but more lack of concentration. I was very distracted by the fact that the vision I had through the eyes of Desdemonda came true to the letter, and in my focusing on what I had saw I let the creature bite me.
Luckily for Lyra who saved the day, I had weakened it to the point where she could outmanoeuvre it. I kept my mouth shut though, she needed something brag about after getting her butt handed to her by those pirates. Ah what a nice gentlemen I truly was!

Anyways, we travelled on for just under a week. I had a few more flashbacks, but I couldn’t break out of them. I think Desdemonda became savvy to the notion I had caught on, but just wait. I was good at adapting, and the more she did it the more I developed a way to counteract it. I hadn’t told the others what I had seen however, the last thing I wanted was for them to call me spy and traitor. I didn’t have the patience for that right now.
The others had caught on that something was off though, namely because I spent an hour a day trying to annoy them, instead of the usual twenty-four hours a day. They questioned me about my weird behaviour, especially Brena, but I bunked them off each time. They all had their stupid teenage love fests to deal with, not my vision of the most evil sorcerer alive plotting something big that involved each and every one of us.

Along the way me and Zahkon continued to spar, he was still a new-born baby when it came to sword fighting, but a very skilled new-born baby. Lyra too had begun to join in on our practice sessions, something that clearly made Zahkon uncomfortable. Whether it was the fact that his woman was learning at a better rate than him, or the fact it was me who was teaching her, I didn’t care.
He and I had made a deal that I would teach him swordplay, just so long as he stopped shooting me at random intervals with arrows. While I appreciated the gesture of trying to kill me, it was pointless, and pointless pain is pain not worth having. Though he was pretty crafty about it, instead of arrows he shot at me, now he was shooting wind blasts. Something that made the others burst out laughing when I went blasting away into a tree after annoying them.

The act of us sparring became so popular that near the weeks end, even Brena joined in. Yara too had a couple sessions, but was more content to watch most of the time. The only person who refused to join in was Destran, something that I had no problem with. He said something about rather dying than learn anything of use from me, so I retorted that he’ll be a little boy forever, because I only taught people how to be a man.

The sword in the gut for that remark was completely over the top. Even with the pelvic thrusts I did towards him and Yara.

The conversation of how I knew so much about fighting came up at least a dozen times, and I diverted the conversation away each time. Usually saying it was a bunch of pixies who trained me, or that I was just a gift from god and that they should have felt lucky that they were learning stuff from me.
Yara and Destran had gotten more touchy-feely ever since they had their private love chat on the beach. I couldn’t tell what they were talking about at the time, but I had a good theory. Yara was upset when The Sea Lady was mentioned, and she had behaved in an odd way ever since.
The Sea Lady was revered as a goddess by the Sievere, but her actions suggested a more personal relationship between the two… family perhaps? Maybe cousins? Maybe even mother and daughter… I doubt it was something like that but I had a hunch. Plus the thought of Yara being upset at the mention of her mother deeply displeased me; all children must love their mothers unconditionally, and vice versa.

Lyra and Zahkon were just as barfing-worthy bad as ever. Lyra was happy just to be with him, but Zahkon being a male was getting rather frustrated at the peep show they were making. He often asked her to accompany him into a tree for a bit of privacy, something that Yara found most displeasing, a feeling only made worse when I told her he only wanted some privacy to ease his hormones with her. I spent an hour trying to get all the thorns out of by butt when he sent me crashing through a bush.

Brena was getting quite friendly with everyone; she had been closed off in a shell when she first joined the group. But ever since the pirate attack and the days we spent at sea she had been able to adjust to her companions more.  I noticed she was trying very hard to try and get more acquainted with Zahkon, who didn’t seem to be interested.

Brena had been getting quite friendly with Yara too; they seemed to match each other’s personalities quite well. She treated Destran with a bit of respect too; I think she may have recognised him as her prince. Brena still treated me the same, except I think she was warming to my joke advances. She didn’t always act like her body was one big chastity belt anymore, but still served to frustrate my genitalia to no end.

It was quite evident she found me attractive, but I'm pretty sure she was scared off by my wild advances. She was a lady… in the sense that she wasn’t promiscuous or a common bar whore. But she still loved fun, adventure, and the odd practical joke here and there. Which is what I think might draw her to me, as I embodied those. Everything was a big adventure to me… well at least that’s what I put across and tried to deal with in situations.

Best thing to do, lest I be driven mad with depression.


So we were on the border to the Marshes now, and we had stopped off in a small town called Kalajes to gather supplies. In this town were a number of Vaan and humans, the women were quite intimidated by their first glimpses of Vaan. But the two blokes and I knew to keep on our guard, and hide all shiny trinkets, being small made them adept pickpockets.
We had split up, agreeing to be back on the hour (except for me who said I’ll be back when I damn well please) and went venturing about the town. Brena stuck with me for some reason as I walked off towards to closest food store I could find.

“Haven’t you got anything better to do then watch my butt while I walk Brana?” I asked her.
“Brena. Well I could walk in front of you, but I’d rather you not stare” she answered with a smile.
“I'm pretty sure Yara or Destran would appreciate your company more” I told her in an attempt to make her feel unwelcome.
“I guess… but that means you won’t be annoyed as much as you would with me being here” she laughed whilst punching my shoulder.
“Ahh touché, well is there anything you need to get? I'm just gonna find me some food and maybe a couple of whores” I said as I rubbed my shoulder overdramatically.
“No, I have everything I need” she replied innocently.
“Not everything you need” I joked.
“Oh? And what would you suggest I need then?” She asked.
I stopped and she passed me without being able to slow down. I quickly put my hand on her butt and whispered in her ear. “How about a sensitive lover?”

The general populace was quite shocked to see me walk around with an axe in my chest. It took us a while to get it out; she had implanted that thing quite firmly in there.

We went inside a food store and chose some fine meat and fruit. We didn’t have any money so I started a food fight which caused about a dozen patrons to join in, during the ensuing chaos we ran out with our items as the shopkeeper was too busy trying to stop his customers destroying his stock to stop us shoplifting.
Brena was laughing quite madly; she had never done anything that reckless and naughty before. I was getting a tad bit uncomfortable with her, she was getting to be rather close to me, and I don’t like it when people get close to me.

We went around for a little bit longer, munching on the fruit we had, until we went past an alleyway and a Vaan with a scar on his horrid face and a bald head stepped out in front of us. He pointed to Brena but looked at me.
“How much do you want for the woman?” He asked me, clearly thinking I owned her.
“How much have you got?” I asked him without thinking.
“Sixty gold pieces. Take it or leave it” he answered whilst eyeing Brena up and down. I could tell she was seething with anger.
“Sixty?! Come fine sir I would pay sixty just to sleep with her! Look at her body; you don’t get as fine a body as this from the countryside!” I pretended to be serious whilst using my hand to showcase her chest and hips. “Look at those breasts, fine work, are they not? And those hips are perfect for bearing children! With an added bonus too look at her arms, these are strong arms! She’ll easily be able to lift heavy things. As well as perform some of the more… adventurous positions in the bedroom. BAH HA!”

It happened quite suddenly, Brena kneed me in my crotch, whilst getting her axe and pointing it at the Vaan. The Vaan quivered at the sight of an angry Brena, and ran for it when she made a slight move in her body. Brena turned to me and kicked my head whilst I was keeled over causing me to fall to the ground.
She took my leg and dragged me into the alleyway out of sight, where she proceeded to launch her axe into my gut. I coughed out some blood before healing straight away. She came in for another lunge when I rolled over and kicked her legs, causing her to fall down.

“Bit over dramatic aren’t ya? I was only joking” I said as I lay beside a fallen Brena, who was still red in the face.
“I do not find that funny! Next time I’ll put my axe in your manhood, see how you like that!” She said quite threateningly.
“I know where I would like to put my manhood in” I said with a wink.
“Pig!” she yelled whilst rolling her eyes and getting up.

I jumped to my feet to and grabbed her hand as she began to walk off and pulled her into me. I held on tightly, even with her continuous kicking of my genitalia to get free. Eventually she stopped kicking and we stood there for a minute, she wondered what I was doing. I wasn’t too sure myself; I just wanted to do something that would really put her off me.
But as I looked into her big green eyes I felt something stir within me. And it wasn’t my hormones… or it might have been… I dunno I'm not too good with feelings and crap.

She looked bored and opened her mouth to speak when I dived my head forward and embraced her on the spot with a kiss. I figured if I could take away her innocence, she would never want to talk to me again, which is what I really wanted in the end.

She instantly screamed and began to struggle, after about five seconds however she died down and became quite still. I let go of her and she looked at me with a face of anger, shock, and confusion all in one. I began to laugh.
“BAH HA! Jack and Brana sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” I taunted her.
“BRENA!” She yelled whilst slapping me and storming off.
“Bye Barna!” I yelled to her.


So the hour was almost up and I was in a sweet store, eating some candy and savouring the taste. When the shopkeeper asked for some money I said I didn’t have any, he replied that he was going to call the town guards to arrest me, so I said whilst he does that he may want to keep an eye on his money box because it was being robbed by a Vaan. He turned to his bench which was perfectly safe, and I took the opportunity to run for it.
He yelled at me to come back, but I was out and down the street and out of sight within a few seconds. It was quite nifty to have superhuman speed sometimes. I walked with relative ease back to our designated meeting spot when I came across Lyra, who was on her own! I didn’t see Zahkon anywhere as well, which made me rather curious towards as to why she was being independant for once.

Lyra noticed me and I quickly stuffed the sweets into a piece of bread in a bag I had ‘acquired’ during my stay in Kalajes like a small boy with a guilty conscious trying to hide what he did wrong. She stormed up to me with dark eyes and grabbed my collar.
“What did you do to Brena you disgusting idiot?!” She hissed at me.
“Nuthin…” I said whilst trying to hide the bread, thinking I’d be in more trouble for that.
“She’s really upset you know! But she won’t say what happened!” She continued as she began to shake me.
“I really didn’t do anything! It was a Vaan who upset her, I stood up for her!” I lied mischievously.
“Really?” She asked whilst her eyes began to turn back to normal.
“Yeah really!” I repeated myself, thinking I had avoided trouble.
“Well… we’ll see about that” she murmured whilst letting go of me and began to walk beside me.
“Geez it’s like you guys don’t trust me at all!” I joked with her giving a tut. “Anyways, there’s a sweet shop over there, do you want to come with me quickly whilst we get a quick snack?” I thought I could use her to pay off my debt.
“No thanks Jack, sugar makes Sievere quite funny. It’s kinda hard to explain… but it’s best we don’t eat it” Lyra replied.
“Do you now?” I said with an amazing idea washing over me like a waterfall, and becoming so giddy inside that I nearly exploded. “Are you hungry?” I asked her.
“Yes I am actually, why? Do you have some food?” She asked me.
“Yes I do, here you go!” I said quite happily whilst giving her the bread I stuffed the sweets in and watched her take a bite.


This is gonna be awesome.

The End

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