Stuck in my head

I'd given up on the map. I had no idea where we were, or how to get from here to the marshes. I had no idea why we'd been attacked, first by Seviere and then by the Vandrial. It wasn't like we were trespassing, and we were on a very important quest. Couldn't all our allies know that already? That would make this questing business a good deal easier.

To spoil the ruse of my studying the map, my mind kept wandering. Every time I closed my eyes I would hear that song again, the song that had brought me back from the strange, painful desire, I shuddered. I didn't ever want to feel something like that again. That song, I couldn't understand why it kept playing in my head, and now Yara was avoiding me so I couldn't even ask her about it.

To the bottom of the sea with protocol. We were sitting on a beach who knew how far from home, I was going to talk to her whether she wanted to or not. I stepped toward her, she was lost in thought, as were the rest of us. At least this was a beautiful place to rest, I'd give them a full day. Then we'd set out on foot for the marshes.

"Yara?" I began. Her head snapped up to look at me.

"Yes?" She didnt meet my gaze. Her stormy blue eyes, not quite the calm blue they normally were, focused on something just over my shoulder, before dropping to the sand.

"I was wondering, if its normal for, seviere victims to hear the song afterward?" I stumbled through the question.

Her eyes focused on me for a second, went black for the barest second, before they returned to their troubled storm-tossed sea color and slid away again. "Usually, victims dont survive." She said shortly.

"But on the off chance they do?" I didnt really want to have a mysterious song stuck in my head forever...

"No." She replied, not looking at me. I knelt in the sand beside her.

"I can tell when your troubled." I said, changing the subject.

"Anyone can." Yara retorted. "Its our eyes."

"Its more than that." I replied. "I can tell your troubled about something close to home. Did I do something wrong?" A small teasing smile danced across her face for half a second.

"The world's not all about you, you know." She said, face deadpan.

"So whats bothering you."

"I dont want to talk about it."

"Not even with your best friend?" I moved to sit next to her and reached for her hand. She pulled away for a second, then let her hand rest in mine.I squeezed it gently and her eyes closed.

"Its about my mother." She began.

The End

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