Brena handed round soup, and as I sipped at it, I tried to avoid eye contact with Destran. Since I had saved him we hadn't really spoken, except when he had been collapsed on deck, and I kept feeling his eyes on me. I didn't dare meet his eyes; I knew what my song had spoken of, and I wasn't sure of his reaction, whether he believed every word, every emotion...


I looked up to see Lyra peering at me from under the cloak she had managed to save. It was wet, but neither of us would mind that.

"Yes?" I asked, wondering what she was staring at me for.

"Are you well?"

"Of course."

"Only..." She paused as if worried whether her next sentance would offend me, "You have a look in your eye I haven't seen before... I wondered whether the song you sang was..."

"... No. I haven't given my heart, if that's what you're asking." I said quietly, so the others would not hear. She looked at me intelligently for a while, then nodded and returned to her soup. I on the other hand placed mine on the floor and stood, intent on taking a walk. After all that had happened, I needed space to breathe.

I thought over the events that had happened as I paced down the shore, feeling the sand under my toes and glad that I was alone. Firstly, the sievere attack that had almost lost us Destran. The song I had sung, then the reaction of Levina. My threat about... about The Sea Lady. About Una. I grimaced as I felt my familiar jolt of pain, the one that ripped through my heart when I thought of her. I moved on the subject in my brain to the attack of the Vandrial. That creature should not have died, despite it's attack. It was in general not a bad natured animal, despite its appearance. Of course, when hunting, it was deadly, and unforgiving.

I shuddered as I stared out to sea, my arms crossed and gripping each other against the chill that had appeared.

"Yara?" I heard the deep tone of Destran's voice behind me, closer than he should have gotten without my hearing him. I turned to face him, feeling my hair fly with the wind around my head, and struggling to look him in his perfectly blue eyes.

The End

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