Battling Alone

Zahkon dropped to his knees, mentally and physically exhausted, he then fainted, I screamed his name dropping to my knees and shaking him but to no avail. I got to my feet trembling slightly, looking around at the chaos which had broken out on deck. Levina lay motionless on the half ruined remains of the deck in a pool of her own silvery blood, clearly dead. Yara too had dropped to her knees, trying to catch her breath, Levina had been her equal in that battle and defeating her had clearly drained her.

In mere minutes Destran was by Yara’s side, having abandoned his battle with the sea creature and leaving Jack to fight it alone. Yara was out of breath  from fighting someone just as strong as herself and was clearly not up to fighting.

Jack (unlike himself) was fearlessly battling on with the sea creature, not remotely bothered by the fact that Destran had left him to it. He dodged and ducked attack after attack with apparent ease, now and again throwing his boomerang at its head just to aggravate it more. It seemed that Jack was quite enjoying himself.

“What is this thing, it won’t die!” Jack bellowed, avoiding being squashed by the beast.

“Its called a Vandrial” I called, running over and joining jack in attacking it, “by the way, don’t let it bi….” I stopped mid sentence as the exact thing I was trying to warn jack about actually happened. Large poisonous fangs sunk deep into Jacks arm and he sunk to the floor, temporarily dead.

The Vandrial then turned its ugly head towards me, its large, fierce red eyes looking murderous.

I glanced quickly over my shoulder, Brena was stood some distance away, she looked terrified and as though she would have rather jumped overboard then battle the Vandrial.

Destran was holding Yara in his arms she looked very tired and in no fit state to fight any time soon, and Jack was still temporarily dead on the floor, so it looked as though it was up to me to battle the Vandrial on my own! I pulled out my blade and without thinking I lunged forward. Big mistake, I caught myself on the Vandrial’s razor sharp fins and felt one side of my skin cut open, however I didn’t care, Silvery blood may have been gushing out of me but I had caused the Vandrial pain too, as I had stabbed it in one of its red eyes.

It writhed in pain then made to bite me with its long fangs but I jumped out of the way, stabbing my blade into its other eye, meaning we had the upper hand now as the Vandrial was now blind.

My vision was becoming hazy and out of focus due to the loss of blood, but I couldn’t faint now, I had to beat the Vandrial, I was the only one left who could. I shook my head and my vision became slightly clearer.

I caught sight of Destran and Yara, who were both watching me in amazement and I gave them both a quick smile whist dodging attacks from the Vandrial’s tentacle covered head which seemed to be following the sound of my movements now it couldn’t see. Clever.

I tried a different technique, instead of running I began to creep very slowly trying not to make a sound, but this seemed to infuriate it more and it began thrashing around, making the ship rock dangerously. I ran around the ship to attract the Vandrial’s attention back to me again as it was too close to Zahkon for my liking. I grabbing Jacks sword whist passing him, he was still dead but I could tell he was slowly healing, and then I turned back on myself to avoid being clobbered by the Vandrial.

Skilfully, I leapt onto the half broken railing and sword raised I jumped at the Vandrial, the sword sunk deep into the top of the Vandrial’s head killing it instantly.

As the dead Vandrial fell onto the deck of the ship, I fell with it, cutting myself on its sharp fins.

I crashed down with a sickening thud onto the deck and was plunged into instant darkness.   

The End

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