With Great Power, Comes Great Pain

“Don’t be such a baby Idiot! If I can take your wind blasts, you can make your body glow-” Valenstar was cut off by a loud bang.

The ship shook and we heard a high pitch shriek coming from beneath the waves. We all rushed to the side of the boat to see what we had hit. Something big was moving in and out from underneath the boat. It was hard to see at first but then it broke the surface of the water with a huge splash. It was covered in green scales. Its long body sliced through the water with ease and it disappeared below the ship once more.

“Levina!” Yara yelled behind us. We spun around to see the Sievere whom had attacked the boat a few days previous beckoning Yara to fight her with the knife she was holding.

Valenstar, unlike himself was crouched and ready for battle; he was not sitting this one out. He made towards the Sievere but before he had taken a step, the green scaled monster reared up over the ship and came crashing down onto the deck, obliterating the railings around its huge frame. The force of the impact knocked us all off our feet, but the new girl who was standing in front of Lyra was struck on the head with a chunk of debris from the rail, and she dropped to the ground like a stone. Lyra clambered to her feet and rushed to her side. Valenstar regained his balance quickly and started taunting the writhing beast and circling it, waving his sword madly in its direction.

The beast hauled itself onto the deck completely and slithered towards Valenstar which cut him off from the rest of us on the other side of the boat. By then, Yara had advanced on the Sievere with her blade drawn. Destran unsheathed his sword but then suddenly stopped and cocked his head to the side as if listening intently to a whisper. He replaced his sword and promptly sat on the deck with a smile on his face, as if there wasn’t a battle raging around him. I moved towards him but didn’t get very far before I collapsed to my knees. I could faintly hear Lyra screaming and Valenstar taunting the beast but it was just background noise and was no longer important. All that was important was the sweet, sweet music…

My eyes shot open. I was kneeling on the deck staring at the wooden floor beneath me. I lifted my head to see Yara hadn’t moved and neither had Destran or Lyra who was still tending to the new girl, and Valenstar was still obscured from my view. Only Levina seemed alive and aware. She was staring lovingly at me, with a beautiful smile spreading across her face, revealing her perfect teeth. I smiled back at her as I stood up. I walked towards her, and her towards me, meeting in the centre of the deck. She reached up and traced the line of my jaw before pulling me into a tender, loving kiss. She pulled away and smiled up at me, her eyes twinkling.

 I did not smile back this time. Something was wrong. She was not my mate. She did not love me as Lyra did. I took a step backwards and her smile vanished. She opened her mouth to sing but I ran her through with my sword before she had the chance to utter a note of her poisonous song. What was I doing?! I had no control over my body.

“You will not have me!” I heard myself whisper murderously into her ear as she slid to the ground.

I opened my eyes. Yara was still advancing on Levina, Destran was still on the ground amusing himself with a button on his coat, Valenstar was fighting the beast and Lyra was beside me pulling at my arm, as the new girl got groggily to her feet. I brushed her off and held my hand to my head. What had happened? Had I stabbed Levina? Clearly not, she looked perfectly alive as she fought Yara. How could this be explained? Had I imagined it? No. I could still feel her touch on my mind but it was a retreating touch. Had I overcome her song with my mind? Before I could consider this possibility my tattoos started glowing, and my mind cast itself at the retreating presence of Levina’s mind. I was still in control of my body but my mind was not my own. My mind forced its way into hers, past her beautiful song and down into the depths of her mind. There I found a black mass tangled around her glowing life source. It controlled her every movement and thought. My mind attacked of its own free will and the blackness reacted with a ferocious assault on my mind. I struggled to form a thought and had to force my mind to withdraw.

I lifted my gaze towards Levina. She was still battling ferociously with Yara but there was a bead of sweat running down her forehead, something I had never seen on Yara or Lyra. She was under pressure both mentally and physically. Yara was her equal with a blade, but the mental warfare had taken its toll and she was beginning to lose ground to Yara. I concentrated and tried to summon up my magic. Nothing happened. I tried again. Still nothing happened. I took a deep breath and tried once more.

My tattoos pulsated into life all over my body. The power rushing through me was intoxicating. I focused my mind and launched it towards Levina, this time under my control. I smashed through her song and penetrated the deepest, darkest parts of her mind where the blackness was rooted most strongly. I attacked the blackness with my mind. Again it returned the attack but this time I was ready for it and withstood its brutal battering against my mind. I smashed at it again and as it tried to attack again I slipped past it and into Levina’s mind.

I could see with my eyes that Levina had faltered as I dislodged the blackness from her mind and it was then that Yara struck the fatal blow to Levina. Inside her mind I could feel her pain first hand. The pain of death, her life ebbing away as her heart pumped her life’s blood out onto the wooden deck of the boat. The pain was unbearable and my mind recoiled back into my own body just as I lost consciousness and collapsed on the rough wooden deck.

As collapsed I heard Lyra scream my name. 

The End

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