Over the Edge

We all lay exhausted on the deck of the ship, well except for Jack who was still at the side. I had given up on holding him back: he wouldn’t drown and I was sure that most of the desire he was expressing was not due to the seivere’s song. Destran had been drained the most, he had been the rope in a song version of tug-of-war. Yara was cradling his head speaking in a soft voice to him, Lyra doing the same to Zakhon. I smiled, it’s a good thing we have two powerful seivere on our side.

I sat back, leaning on my hands, too tired to move.

“Come back ladiiiiesss” Jack called over the side. “You’re missing my lovin’!” I looked over to see him halfway over the side, his head hanging over the side. If it wasn’t for his words, I would think that he was being sick. I giggled at the thought.

“Someone push him over the side!” I heard Destran say quietly. At least he had enough energy to still hate Jack. It wouldn’t be the same without that.

“Ladiiiiieeeessss!” Jack whined over the side.  I stood up, shakily, seriously considering Destran’s suggestion. He was already off-balance…

I walked up to him and stuck a foot under his boot. I lifted my foot, forcing Jack further over the side.

“Wha—Hey!!” He flailed, trying for the rail, I pushed him a little farther, and he fell  headfirst. After a moment his head appeared above the waves, sputtering. He started for the side.

“Had to push… couldn’t stand the view!... Jealous!” I heard a few snatches of his cat-calls.  I laughed.

“I pushed him over Destran, we should have a few seconds of quiet!” I called. Destran smiled weakly and closed his eyes. Yara ruffled his hair.

I turned back to the rail, and found myself nose to nose with a sopping wet Jack.

“Maybe a little less than a few seconds.” I muttered, stepping back.

“You threw my over the side! I wanted them to come to meee!” He stretched out the last word. “If I go to them I look desperate!” I rolled my eyes, not bothering with a reply. I sat on the deck, turning to lean on the railing.

"I am tired, even if you are not, and I don't think any one is in the mood for your antics right now."

"I'm tired too!" Jack sat up on the rail. "Tired of the dry chastity of the women on this ship! What does a guy have to do to get any action?!" He complained. I glanced up at him.

"I'm sure you could find some seivere to help you with your little problem." I pushed on his boot again. He let himself be tipped backwards, falling with a splash into the water. I looked through the railing to where his head popped up.

"Hey, I found a new game!"

The End

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