Horror In A Note

I was overlooking the ocean from my usual perch at the front of the ship when I saw the first head pop through the water. At first I smiled, but then more heads rose up, and their mouths opened. Sievere song, tantalising to the minds of other species rose from the water, ensnaring the very sails of the ship. I leaned over and hissed, my eyes possessively black. This was my ship. But despite the fact that some of the sievere saw me, they did not relax, although some sank beneath the water in fear.

"Yara!" I heard Lyra scream, and I turned to see her pulling at both Destran and Zahkon. As I watched Destran yelled out.

"No, I want her!" I saw Lyra stuggle but we both knew she had to let him go to keep hold of Zahkon. As Lyra's hand released Destran and I saw him fall in to the ocean, I felt such a twist in my heart that for a moment I was paralysed. But then I ran down on to the deck, past Brena and Lyra who were both struggling to keep the men onboard, and leapt off the ship. My skin melted away and I looked wildly about me, seeing Destran sinking, his head in the hands of a sievere. He was leaning in to her, poised for a kiss. I let out a shriek which startled the sievere nearest to me, and flung myself through the water to his side. The sievere who was about to kiss him looked at me, and smiled. I hissed and pulled at him but she held fast and shook her head. I threw myself at her, scratching at her. She circled and as he was free I pulled at Destran and managed to get him to the suface. As he tocuhed the edge of the boat he began struggling.

"I want her, I want her!" He cried, and I shoved him over the side of the ship, then leapt over to join him. As I tried to pin him down, I saw some of the sievere had made it over the side, and were now stood along the edge of the deck, their human forms made more appealing by their clothing which did not follow the usual sievere dress, but had transformed with their owners to become more alluring. Then as my attention was caught again by Destran's struggles, I noticed his gaze fixed over me. I felt a sharp blow and rolled away. A sievere with firey red hair and high cheekbones stood in front of Destran, the same sievere who had been drowning him, but in human form. Her eyes were black, but she had a wicked grin on her face.

"Yara." She said raising an eyebrow.

"Levina." I recognised her and said her name with a hiss of hatred. "Does the Sea Lady know you're here?"

Levina's eyes became even more blackened.

"Don't threaten me Yara. She knows all, so she knows of this. And yet I see she is not preventing it. I guess she knows you're too weak to stop us."

I hissed, and was answered by all the sievere.

"You would do well to leave now Levina, and take your friends with you."

"No thank you. I want a prince for my collection." Levina said, her eyes perusing Destran's newly soaked shirt to see the muscles underneath, and beckoned to Destran once more, her voice in song.

"Leave him!" I spat.

"If you want him, all you have to do is beat my song." She smirked, knowing that she was regarded as one of the most powerful sievere voices in the sea. And then her voice began to entrance Destran, and he stepped closer and closer towards her, her lips and the open water.

I choked.

"I can't sing to him. I can't make him choose my voice."

"Then you lose." Another sievere mocked.

Destran reached the edge of the ship, and Levina stepped over, her hands on his face, dragging him down, and down and...

A clear voice broke through the song as Destran hit the water, and he turned, his head still above the undercurrent, to stare up on the the ship. I looked down at him, my hands gesturing to him to encourage him back. My song was unbelieveably working, and I was glad, since what I sang of was truth, and love, and freedom, and not the sexual desire that filled Levina's song.

As Destran climbed once more on to the ship, I clutched at him to give him strength. The sievere had stopped singing, and those who had been on the ship had jumped off as soon as they had seen that Levina's song had failed. I could still hear Jack yelling in the background:

"Come back, I'll show you some loving!" I could just imagine him thrusting at the edge of the boat, but put my mind to the situation and blocked out any thought of him.

"Leave." I hissed at Levina. Levina hissed in reply but I continued. "You dare attack us? You dare ignore your own kind for the want of a human?"

"Yes." She hissed, but her resolve was wary, and she was backing away, obviously afraid. I rushed to the edge of the boat.

"You will lose your song for this Levina. I will speak to Una myself."

Levina's face filled with terror and she hissed, but dived under the sea, her friends following her. Only when I was sure she was gone did I turn away from the balcony, just in time to catch Destran, who had lost most of his strength duing the ordeal.

"Yara?" He asked, as he stared up at me.

"I'm here." I crooned, and stroked his hair. "Everything is fine."

I looked up and saw Lyra crying, hugging Zahkon tight to her, and Brena rolling her eyes at Jack, who appeared to be complaining that the 'hot women' had left. I looked back down at Destran.

"That was an experience." He chuckled weakly.

"And one you could have done without. Do not worry, they will pay for what they have done."

The End

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