Music of the Night

I leaned against the rail, looking out over the waves. We were on our way again. Part of me was really disappointed that the stone wasnt in the caves behind the palace. If it had been this whole ordeal would be over and we would celebrate and place the stone in the vaults beneath the castle, where it flooded twice a day and was the safest place in the kingdom for a dangerous treasure like that.

Voices drifted toward me from the bow of the ship, I glanced over to see Lyra and Zahkon making up, and I smiled. It was good that she was back, they were both valuable additions to the team. Three females accompanied me, yet they werent a burden at all, Yara and Lyra with their knives, Brena with her axe. How lucky I was to have five people who could all hold their own in a fight.  I didnt need to worry about anything. Even though we were going to Vaan country now.

What was that?! I peered over the edge, into the dark, moonlit waters, trying to see beneath the waves and find out what the thing was. There it was again! An outline of something. An outline of a body. A female body. There were more now, swimming around the ship.


Then the singing began. Softly at first, it faded in and out with the rhythm of the waves and the creaking of the ship. By the time I knew what I was hearing, I was already entranced by the sound of many sweet, clear voices raised in song. One stood out to me more than the rest, it was so beautiful, the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I leaned further over the rail, trying to see the source. A small, faraway voice told me to stop and think, but I didnt listen, I only listened to the song.  The other voice didnt matter. Nothing else mattered but the song. The voice that made the song. The voice that filled me with a longing so strong it was almost painful to resist. So I didnt.

Moving as if in a dream, I stood on the rail, preparing to jump into the waves. Something grabbed my arm, trying to restrain me. "

"No, I want her." I might have said. I was released and I fell freely into the waves. The song was closer now. I felt no need to swim. I sank below the waves, where the source of the voice called to me. She appeared now, just an outline. cool hands held my shoulders, touched my face. I couldnt breath, but it didnt matter. I leaned closer to the seivere that called to me...

The End

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