I was angry, how could he think that I could love Jack? It was him that I had given my heart to; it was him that I loved! My eyes were burning blacker than ever, I felt a lump form in my throat, I felt like crying. I had to fight the urge to go back and reconcile with him straight away. I wanted him to feel how I felt at this very moment and see how he coped without me.

I had no intention of returning to the corals however, I would follow the boats progress under the water out of sight. I swam deeper into the water, so that I could just about see the boat above me; I wasn’t going to risk being seen. It seemed I was right to swim lower as moments later Yara had dived into the water looking downbeat. She swam around, her head turning this way and that but the shadow which the boat cast concealed me because after a while she gave up and swam back to the surface.

I could hear jacks muffled voice from the singing, "9927 bottles of rum on the wall, 9927 bottles of rum!"  at the top of his lungs and soon after the boat began to slowly move away. The water above me showed a rippled image of the dark purple sky which was growing steadily darker and the sun made its slow decent in the sky.

The days seemed to roll into each other, being as uneventful as the last, Jack Valenstar's voice carried through the water and that was the only reason why I knew that he had gotten down the 3 figures in his annoying song. “846 bottles of rum on the wall, 846 bottles of rum, take on down and pass it around, 845 bottles of rum on the wall!”

My mind often wandered back to the day I had argued with Zahkon, it had been petty really but he had hurt me with his inability to accept that just because he didn’t save me he had got the idea that I loved Jack. As if I could!

The anchor was dropped after what seemed like days and repeating what I had when Yara had gone swimming moments after I had left, I swam deeper into the water hiding myself within the shadow cast by the boat – I couldn’t be seen. One by one I watched as Jack, Yara, Destran, Brena and Zahkon jumped off the boat and into the cool water, all swimming in the direction of the shore. I had to fight a sudden impulse to join them, and turning my back on the group to prevent temptation I watched a fish with silver scales and lime green fan fins known as a Kesh swim freely around, weaving in and out of large amounts of seaweed which was growing from the seabed.

When I turned around again a terrible sight met my eyes, Zahkon was sinking, bubbles rising from his mouth to the surface. I began to swim, quicker than I had done ever before but stopped abruptly when I spotted the new girl Brena pulling him back to the surface. Relief rushed through me, Zahkon was safe, but now I knew what Zahkon had been feeling as a surge of jealously surged through me …. It should have been me saving him … not her!

I floated awkwardly in the middle of the open water, watching Zahkon being pulled to the shore by Brena – at least he was safe, that was the main thing! I shook away the pang of jealously I had felt and felt a tear splash down my cheek … I missed Zahkon and Yara and Destran and I even missed Brena and Jack  and I wanted to make up with Zahkon, he’d suffered enough now but I had to pick my moment.

I knew that Yara and the others were heading to the Sievere nursery caves so I decided that since the caves were huge I would wait until they returned. I leaned against the ship, keeping an eye out for Yara and the others returning however it wasn’t the reappearance of 4 humanoid shaped people and one Sievere swimming in the water ahead which told me that they had returned from the caves.

Two black eyed Sievere who I knew vaguely to be called Rosa and Kisa swam swiftly past me, talking to each other in angry whispers.

“That Falath'Nakan is going to get it next time he messes with a Sievere” the Sievere named Rosa muttered angrily, her eyes burning still darker.

“Wait until we tell the sea lady of Yara’s transgression “the other Sievere spat angrily. At the sound of Yara’s name I swam quickly towards them, and they turned around then they saw me coming.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear, that you have had a bit of bother with a Falath’Nakan?” I asked trying to keep my voice casual.

“Yeah, he was with Yara – I mean wait until the Sea Lady hears of Yara’s transgression, fraternising with Falath’Nakan, they cannot be trusted yet she was defending him” Rosa said, “Why do you want to know Lyra?” Kisa asked suspiciously.

“No reason and I am sure Yara has a good reason for defending the Falath’Nakan, I wouldn’t bother the Sea Lady with it” I said before turning and swimming as fast as I could to the surface before either of them could say anything.

My head broke the surface of the water and the cool sea breeze hit my face, blowing my blonde hair gently across my face. I could see in the distance a small cluster of people but something was wrong only four of them were standing and it was to my horror that I saw that Zahkon was lying face down on the ground.

I ducked back in the water and kicked hard, speeding the shore. Yara turned around when she heard my footsteps.

“Lyra” she smiled.

I gave her a weak smile then turned my gaze back to Zahkon who was lying unmoving on the ground, “What has happened to Zahkon?” I asked the group before me.

“He provoked two Sievere to try and get himself killed because you left, by the way, it’s good to have you back Ly” Jack said.

“Yeah, I passed the Sievere and they were pretty angry, but that doesn’t explain why he is in this state, and Jack, NEVER CALL ME LY AGAIN” I said in a dangerously low voice, narrowing my eyes and allowing them to darken slightly. Jack however took great delight in knowing that he had annoyed me with a nickname which I disliked.”

“Ly, Ly, Ly, Ly, Ly, Ly” he sang, my eyes darkened still further and I grabbed at my blade and lunged at him blade raised. Jack dodged my blade dancing from side to side. I got tired of him mucking about and threw my blade at him. It made contact.

Jack dropped to his knees, blood dripping from his neck where the blade had pierced his skin.

“That should keep him quiet for at least 10 minutes” I muttered grabbing my blade from Jack's now bleeding neck and walking slowly towards Zahkon and bending over him. I gently moved a strand of hair which had fallen over his face, he had gone very pale.

I began humming the sweet melody of a Sievere song I had known since I was a child and he began to stir.

“Gah, that smarts, was that really necessary?” Jack asked from behind me but I ignored him, focussing all my attention on Zakhon who’s eyes had just flickered open.

It was only then I noticed that my eyes were filled with unshed tears.

The End

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