Dead End

We surfaced in a much smaller cavern this time. Yara was first one out, followed by me. Dammit she’d beaten me again! Destran was next followed by Brena who gasped for air. Wimps.
I had been leading us in the best possible direction I can remember, I had tried to navigate these caves before but I got lost. Even seeing all these squiggly lines on the walls that reminded me of dancing snakes again did not help me understand them, all I could do was guess. But if my guesses were right, which they usually were, I’d say this was a retelling of the birth of the Sievere people, their first contact with the surface world, and the coming of their leader; The Sea Lady.

We wondered about the cave, they were just examining the walls. I was trying to get my bearings; we had gone the way the Guardian had told me to go back in the day. We were in the right cave, there just had to be something here that I didn’t notice. This was precisely like that time a long time ago; I had tried to locate the stone for the sake of knowing where to look should I ever need it. Didn’t really have anything else better to do.
I was in this exact same cave, lost, and trying to figure out if there was something off about this area. That was when some native Sievere found me and took me to their home world; apparently I had trespassed on sacred ground. I suppose trying to pop their heads like zits didn’t help either.


“Who are you child?” A whispering female voice called out to me as I was ushered into an aquatic throne room. There were guards everywhere eyeing me, prepared to strike at once with the slightest wrong move.
“Me? I'm nobody, just your run of the mill adventurer. Lost on his merry way to find some gold” I lied.
“I can see your heart child. You are a warrior with… with… such an evil force inside of you! It’s overwhelming!” The voice said with a hint of fear in the tone.
I looked around trying to see who was speaking. “Evil? Why does everyone think that?!” I complained.
“Guards! This man is meant to destroy us!” The voice shouted.

The guards sprang into action and instantly dozens of spears were pointing at my face. They were about to lunge when the voice halted them and told them to stand down. “Any reason you change your mind more often than a suicidal goldfish?” I asked this voice.
“There is something… deeper. You burden something heavy… I can see now. You are MEANT to destroy us… but you don’t WANT to. Why is this child?” it asked me.
“Why would I want to? You guys haven’t done anything to me yet” I answered truthfully.
“This pit that is your heart… it goes deeper than any cave I have swam in… and it is wounded far more than any person I have ever met. What did you do? Why are you in so much pain?” it asked.

This is where I got a little hot under the hood. This voice was poking deeper then I cared for it to poke! I tried to close off my thoughts but I got the feeling that it had no effect.
“I warn you, keep looking and you won’t like what you see” I told the voice through grit teeth.
“I must see… you are fascinating… you have evil, yet you refuse to use it. You have pain… but where did it come from? Wait… is that? Oh my!!” it screeched. The guards instinctively raised their spears again before she ordered them to stand down, for their own protection.
“It seems you understand strange lady voi-” I was cut off when something appeared in front of me.

It came up to me very fast, so fast I couldn’t even see its defining features right. The next thing I knew, it kissed me on my forehead. I saw this female Sievere’s face, it was very beautiful, and her big blue eyes were staring into mine with sorrow. A single tear fell down her face.


“Poor child… So hurt. To have done something so painful… I weep for you.”


I snapped back to it with the others looking at me. Damn these freaking flashbacks! If I didn’t know better I’d say someone was forcing me to relive these just for the amusement of others!
“What happened?” Yara asked.
“Nothing, I just realised that I miss my pirate ship” I said with a grin.


I walked around, examining every rock and pebble, trying to find anything that would give me a clue as to the whereabouts of the hiding location for the stone. The others joined in and after twenty minutes of searching, nothing had been found. This was rather frustrating, to make matters worse the others were questioning where Zahkon was, he hadn’t followed us this far. As far as I knew he was still crying on the beach, I hadn’t actually been paying attention but he and Brena had a quick spat about something before we left him behind.

I hate young love and the spats that go with it. And Zahkon was acting in a way that annoyed me because of his little cock block argument with Lyra who had stormed off somewhere. Although the argument was about me saving Lyra or some crap like that, something that had amused me greatly.


I had had enough and I threw my boomerang out of frustration, something that proved to be quite advantageous for us. It flew across the cave until it struck one of the markings on the ceiling before coming back to me, and the bit that it had struck made a loud clicking noise. Before we knew what would happen, a part of the wall opened up and the air itself was sucked into the room, signifying that it had been air tight for some time.

The cave finished opening with a loud bang that echoed throughout the cave as well as the underwater caverns, we all covered our ears to the noise.
“And that’s why it was a good idea to bring me along!” I boasted in an attempt to convince the others I knew it was there all along. I don’t think it worked.


Destran was the first one inside, followed by Yara and then Brena. I went in last to see a huge pedestal with a single ray of light shining on it, the only source of light in the whole room. On top of that pedestal was a piece of paper with some handwriting on it, Destran picked it up and read it, before throwing the paper at me.
“What’s the meaning of this?!” He yelled at me.
I picked up the paper and read it for myself.


The stone is not here. The stone is where it ended.

When you know the future, will you know yourself?

I looked at it for a while, before looking to Destran who seemed furious. “It’s quite simple Prince Prick, the stone isn’t here” I told him with a smile.
“You said it would be here! You said you knew where it was! You lied!” He yelled at me.
“No I didn’t!” I defended myself. “I said I knew ONE of the locations it was hidden, clearly it wasn’t hidden here! We just gotta try the other locations dum-dum!”
“I ought to kill you where you stand!” Destran yelled.
“You’re welcome to try” I laughed.
“Enough! Let’s find Zahkon, and decide what we’re going to do next!” Brena yelled, making the two of us shut up.
“Yes Brana” I said in a mocking tone.
“Brena” she said unthinkingly.




Me and Yara were swimming at full pelt back through the underwater tunnel. I was determined to beat her! The end was so soon in sight… until… a loud splash marked us exiting the water, I landed on the ground first and yelled in glee.
“HA! SAFE! I win!”
“NO! It was a draw!” Yara argued.
“That there is sore losers talk Young Yara!” I mocked her.

Destran and Brena appeared out of the water, once again gasping for air. I laughed and got to my feet to look for Zahkon, what I did see however was something I did not expect.

Zahkon had his hands bound by rope, and several Sievere were standing over him with unblinking eyes. Yara marched up to them and demanded his release, they refused and this is where I tuned out of the conversation due to boredom.

When I came back to reality, the Sievere were backing off with snarls. “Wait until The Sea Lady hears of this transgression Yara!” One of the Sievere threatened.

The Sea Lady! I hadn’t heard that name in a while. I was going to think of her big, voluptuous body kissing my forehead when I noticed something in Yara that raised suspicion. She fidgeted awkwardly, like she took a personal insult or threat, at the mention of The Sea Lady. Something that wasn’t easily noticeable because she tried very hard to cover it up, but I saw… I don’t think the others did however.

The Sievere backed off into the water and disappeared, whilst Yara began berating Zahkon over trying to get the Sievere to attack him or something like that. Once again I tuned out of the conversation, far more interested in my fingers then those two, this continued until Zahkon said something that instantly caught my attention.

“I don’t want to live without Lyra. That’s why I tried to have them kill me!” He yelled at Yara before putting his face in his hands to cry again.


Kill him…? Kill him?! He wanted to die because Lyra was gone for a couple of days?! OH THAT WAS IT!!

I walked up to him and he looked up at me with half rage half depression. I kicked him in the face which caused him to go sliding across the sand before coming to a stop several feet away. “Don’t you ever… EVER! Wish death upon yourself for something so STUPID AND PATHETIC!” I bellowed, letting my emotions get the better of me.

He snarled at me and drew out a sword, a rather nice sword actually; clearly of expert design. He charged at me flailing it about like a drunken man on a tight rope, clearly he had no concept for swordsmanship. I unsheathed my own sword and easily blocked his attack, in so doing causing surprise to spread across his tear stricken face.

“This sword can cut through anything! How can you stop it?!” He yelled at me.

I threw him off and kicked him in the stomach. He bent down in pain as I spun on the spot and stopped my sword swing just before it entered his neck.
“Doesn’t matter how good the sword is, if the swordsman cannot use it right, then anyone can beat it!” I lectured him before kicking him again and knocking him out.

The End

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