Sentenced To Life



“You seem to have warmed up to him” I said, glowering over at Valenstar with distaste.

“Well he did save my life, he has gained some respect for doing that” She said.

“I could have saved you…” I murmured, “And now he is pretending to be a pirate and it was a pirate that nearly killed you.”

“It’s keeping him out of trouble” Lyra remarked.

“I don’t trust his magic, I was nearly at water and could have healed you by placing you in water but he chose to corrupt you with his magic.”

“He didn’t corrupt me at all” She said getting to her feet in anger, her  eyes going from their turquoise blue to a dark blue – almost black.

“He saved me, why don’t you like him, what your insinuating is that you would rather I’d have died than have him save my life!” She shouted at me, tears brimming my eyes.

 “Do you love him?” I asked me, breathing deeply, trying to control my anger.

“How could you think that?” She asked me. “We Sievere are monogamous, I love you” She said, letting out a stifled sob.

“Then why did you kiss him!” I shouted. I immediately regretted it as I had scared her away slightly.

“To say thank you for saving me!” She sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I was going to save you!”

“Can’t you be happy that I am alive and it’s thanks to Jack?” She cried.

“No!” I said, glaring at Valenstar who looked as though he was about to say something in Lyra’s defence.

“We’re going around in circles here, I’m leaving” She spat. I only noticed my tattoos had been glowing because at that they stopped glowing instantly.

“Where are you going?” I asked her.

“Back to the corals, it seems as though you’d rather I’d have died instead of Jack saving me, so I’m leaving so that you can pretend that I did die whist you were trying to save me!” She shouted at me, tears rolling freely down her cheeks.

She walked towards the railings of the boat. She turned back to me and gave me one last look. “Lyra” Yara whispered and Lyra mouthed the words “I’m sorry” at her before diving from the boat into the sea.

I woke from my troubled sleep to find the bed soaked with sweat. I had no idea how long it had been since it had happened but the memories were plaguing me still. Every minute without her seemed like hours. It was a living hell that I had to endure now that she was gone. I thought she had loved me, obviously not. She hated me now. I had been jealous of her and Valenstar. Him! It was all his fault! If he wasn’t here this wouldn’t have happened! She would be fine! We would be fine!

I lay down on the bed listening to my breathing and praying to the Gods that it would just stop. That my body would just stop forcing me to live without her. It was too painful. Why couldn’t it just stop?

I was shaken from my revere when I heard the “anchor” drop into the water, stopping the boat in place. I could hear voices on the deck and decided that I should go onto the deck. At least from there I could jump off the side and die if the Gods permitted it.

"Last one to shore is a Darma dropping!" Valenstar yelled as I walked onto the deck, and he dove overboard. Destran went to the edge of the ship, throwing off his jacket as he did so and prepared to follow. I stood at the rail staring down at the water. It looked calm. It might be a peaceful death.

"For Lyra Zahkon" Brena whispered, before jumping herself. Yara looked at me too, before giving Destran a wink and dropping from the ship.

It was just me and Destran left on the ship. He looked at me and I could see he understood the pain going through me. He nodded slightly and jumped into the water. I followed, leaving the Gods to decide my fate.

I hit the water and the air was driven out of my body. It was not as calm when you were in it as it looked from above. I could feel it dragging me down into its depths and I didn’t fight it. The Gods had chosen to release me from my pain…


I felt a hand wrap around my wrist and drag me back to the surface of the water. I looked over and saw it was the new girl from the group whom had doomed me to life. I struggled against her but she just kept swimming towards the shore. We reached the shore and she pulled me to my feet smiling. I stared at her, rage flowing through my veins.

“Why?” I spat viciously, before storming away from the group and sitting down in the sand. I sat there weeping for hours. Why couldn’t she just let me die? What kind of cruel person was she?

The End

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