Returning To The Ocean

I gazed across at the village from the deck of the boat; despite the dead bodies of the pirates that littered the streets of the village I could imagine it to be quite a beautiful and tranquil village. I was sure that it was the only village for miles which met the sea.

"He will be along soon." Yara promised me, placing a comforting hand on my shoulder as I was beginning to worry where he had got to. "I know." I replied, turning to see Jack still jigging like a big kid. "I do believe our first impression of him was wrong you know." I murmured.

"I admit that he will gain some of my respect for saving your life, but his lack of respect and general character continues to annoy me. This display however," she pointed to his strange song and dance, "is amusing." I smiled warmly at Yara, giving her hand a squeeze.

"I wish you could find your soul mate Yara. Then you could know how happy the world seems. Perhaps it is Destran?" I enquired, Destran and Yara had always been close and Yara had always been so content around him, her eyes the lightest of blues, as tranquil as the sea.

"I do not think so. There is too much history... we are so different. Besides, I have not thought about him like that, any more than I am sure he has about me." Yara replied, sighing and returning my gaze to check to see whether Zahkon was coming back yet.

I ran off the boat towards him, he looked calmer than he had done before, and I wrapped my arms around him tightly by way of a greeting.

“Where did you go?” I asked into Zahkon’s warm chest, where I could hear the gentle thump of his heartbeat.

“I had something to take care of. Don’t worry, it’s over now. I’ll take care of you.” He replied.

I smiled up at him, clasping his hands in mine and starting to make my way onto the boat but Zakhon didn’t move. “Aren’t you coming?” I asked confused.

“I cannot get on that… thing” he said firmly before taking a step towards me, brushing hair away from my ear and whispering, “I love you Lyra, but I can’t trust this thing.”

A tear rolled down my cheek.

“What is the matter?” Destran called from the boat.

“I will not step foot on that strange object” Zahkon insisted.

“Zahkon, you must come on board. It is how we will travel, and Lyra will be on board. She will need you to protect her if we run across another pirate ship!” Yara said, hands on her hips and looking as though she wanted to roll her eyes at Zahkon’s stubbornness.

“Then she shall travel with me on land”

“Oh no she won’t” She shouted back straight away. “You must learn to like the water, if not love, because it is a large part of Lyra’s life which you cannot ignore! The ship is made of wood, surely that will be comfort enough to you?” She implored. She clearly thought that was a good thing!

“Trees were killed to make this abomination!” Zahkon spat, digging his heels further into the ground and refusing to be moved.

“Zahkon please” I implored, my eyes watering slightly, sometimes I got upset too easily but I hated being stuck in the centre of an argument about me. I gently clasped my hand in Zahkon’s and was now able to lead him up the bridge and onto the slowly rocking boat.

“Ow, Zahkon please stop crushing my hand” I said playfully to him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I just…” he began but I cut him off.

“It’s okay.” I cut in, “I understand” I lifted myself onto my tip toes and planted a soft kiss on his cheek before leading him obediently over to the cabin to sit down. Zahkon looking slightly paler than he had done before now we had set off.


The first few days travel on the boat were quite uneventful and other than Jack acting the stereotypical pirate (which greatly amused Yara and I) and Zahkon with his head perminantly looking at the inside of a bucket nothing worth writing home about happened…. The tranquility would never last, it never does!


It was the third day and now all that surrounded the boat was miles of water and it reminded me so much of home. Yara and I could spend hours just gazing out across the vast stretch of water, watching the boat create ripples in the surface of the water.

We were all still quite cheerful, Jack was ecstatic about being a pirate and kept on using pirate jargon and kept breaking into funny little jigs which Yara and I found most amusing – Yara had definitely warmed up to him since he had saved my life.

Zahkon however had not warmed up to Jack and I was certain that if no-one had been there to witness it or he hadn’t been spending half his time being sick in a bucket he would have thrown Jack overboard.

“When can we get off this … thing” He asked Destran.

“5 days away at a guess” he said, consulting his map, Zahkon moaned and began wretching into the bucket again.

I came over and sat with Zahkon, wrapping my arm around him and kissing his forehead.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon, and then we’ll be able to get off the boat” I comforted him, and he gave me a warm smile.

“The boat seems to keep Jack out of mischief, he seems to enjoy playing pirate” I said with a chuckle watching Jack who was dancing around singing 10,000 bottles of rum on the wall at the top of his lungs.

“You seem to have warmed up to him” Zahkon said, glowering over to him with distaste.

“Well he did save my life, he has gained some respect for doing that” I said.

“I could have saved you…” he murmured, “and now he is pretending to be a pirate and it was a pirate that nearly killed you.”

“It’s keeping him out of trouble” I remarked.

“I don’t trust his magic, I was nearly at water and could have healed you by placing you in water but he chose to corrupt you with his magic.”

“He didn’t corrupt me at all” I said getting to my feet in anger my eyes going from their turquoise blue to a dark blue – almost black.

“He saved me, why don’t you like him, what your insinuating is that you would rather I’d have died than have him save my life!” I shouted at him, tears brimming my eyes.

I could feel everyone else’s eyes now focussing on Zahkon and me but I didn’t care … I was angry.

“Do you love him?” Zahkon asked me, breathing deeply and balling his fists up tight so his hands were turning white.

“How could you think that?” I asked him, “We Sievere are monogamous, I love you” I said, letting out a stifled sob.

“Then why did you kiss him!” Zahkon shouted making me flinch at the anger I was seeing, his tattoos were starting to glow slightly.

“To say thank you for saving me!” I sobbed, tears streaming down my cheeks.

“I was going to save you!”

“Cant you be happy that I am alive and its thanks to Jack?” I cried.

“No!” He said, glaring at Jack who looked as though he was about to say something in my defence.

“We’re going around in circles here, I’m leaving” I spat at him and his tattoos stopped glowing instantly.

“Where are you going?” he asked me.

“Back to the corals, it seems as though you’d rather I’d have died instead of Jack saving me, so I’m leaving so that you can pretend that I did die whist you were trying to save me!” I shouted at him, tears rolling freely down my cheeks.

I then walked towards the railings of the boat, gave a last look at Zahkon and the others, Yara seemed lost for words and didn’t know what to do, “Lyra” she whispered and I mouthed the words “I’m sorry” at her. She took a step forward but I shook my head violently to stop her from following me before diving from the boat into the sea and feeling the familiar transformation between forms.

What they didn’t know is that I had no intention of going back to the confines of the corals.

The End

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