Zahkon was angry. More than angry, he was steamed. He strode back toward our group with a sword in his hand, razor sharp and gleaming in the sunlight, but his anger wasnt toward us.

Though Lyra was alright now, due to the strange magic Valenstar had in his blood, there was still a need for revenge. The pirate that had stabbed her was a dead man walking. I nodded in the direction of the attacker, and the Falath'Nakan strode off down the streets.

I looked my group over. Besides Lyra, no one had been seriously hurt, Brena's axe was covered in blood, as were Lyra and Yara's knives. my hands were slightly sore, as during the battle, my sword had been knocked out of my hand and I had had to set on the scum with my fists before I could retrieve it. I was certain the pirates were much worse off than we were. I glanced at the masts of the ship still floating in the harbor.

"We need to get to that ship." I said, it was almost an order.

"Aye aye!" Valenstar said loudly and enthusiastically. I noticed he was wearing a new coat. I didnt bother asking where he'd got it. We set off through the streets again, bashing heads and further injuring any pirates that got in our way.

The End

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