You Get What You Deserve



I felt the power rip through my body. It felt as if my heart had exploded from my chest. I saw the pirates’ lifeless corpses’ slump to the ground with no apparent injuries. I dropped to one knee from the exertions of the magic. I would have to be careful as to when I used it because if it left me incapacitated each time I used it I could end up getting myself killed.

I heard a shuffling noise behind me. I turned expecting to see Lyra but instead I was greeted with a broadsword sweeping down towards my head. I stopped it with my magic and threw it from the pirate’s hands. He tried to back away from me but he stumbled over a body on the ground. I snatched up his fallen sword and plunged it into his chest. He struggled against his fate for a few seconds before his body gave up and died. I dragged myself to my feet and looked around for Lyra.

When I couldn’t see her I started to panic. I flipped all of the bodies over searching for her but thankfully she was not among these dead. I ran towards the street, dread clawing at my heart. What had happened? Had I blown her away with the magic? What if she was hurt and alone? My chest started constricting and it became difficult to breathe as my mind ran through all the most horrible possibilities. What if the pirates had her? They could dishonour her! I would have to leave the land to find her on the sea. Could I do that? These thoughts raced through my head as I searched for a sign of her, my love.

I crushed any opposition stupid enough to stand in my way. I was starting to grow weary again from the magic and it was becoming less effective. I saw a pirate attacking a big man in a leather apron. The big man was barely able to hold him at bay with a red hot poker he was swinging wildly. I tried to knock the pirate over with magic but nothing happened. I ran and tackled him to the ground. I grabbed his throat and ripped it out with my bare hands. Blood splattered all over my chest and my face. I turned back to the blacksmith and demanded a sword from him so that I could continue my search for Lyra. He ran into his shop and came back with a sword for me. It was a basic sword but it would do what was necessary. I thanked him and ran off.

I felled several more pirates with the sword in my search. I finally made a full circle and ended up near where I had started my search. I entered the square and saw the group crowding around a body that was lying in a pool of silver blood. No! It can’t be! Please don’t let it be Lyra!

It was Lyra. My heart sank and tears started flowing down my face. I grabbed my bow, notched an arrow and loosed it at Destran who was picking up Lyra. I don’t know why I shot at him but my mind was in a state of shock and couldn’t function properly. I ran towards the group.

 “STAY AWAY FROM HER!! SHE’S MINE!!” I yelled as I charged into their midst. I lifted Lyra and started towards the sea. I tried to gently wake her as I went but she never stirred.

“Don’t you dare leave me Lyra! I had just found you! Please don’t leave me alone, I don’t want to be alone anymore! I have you now!” I begged her limp body as I continued towards the water.

 Valenstar appeared in front of me and I tried to side step him but he refused to move. I tried to punch him but before I even had time to pull my hand back after missing him, he smashed me in the face, causing me to drop Lyra and stumble backwards. Valenstar caught her and placed her on the ground. Why was he doing this? Did he want her to die? I knew we couldn’t trust him! He was a traitor!

“Trust me guys, this way is for the best” He said. How could death be for the best? I had to save her!

He put his arms on Lyra and reached for his sword. That was enough! I wasn’t going to let him kill Lyra! He yelled in pain as I stabbed him in the back and straight through his chest with my sword.

“Thanks, that’s just what I was gonna do” He said smugly whilst coughing blood.
I pulled the sword out and prepared to strike again as he was still holding onto Lyra, but I stopped mid-swing as I saw what was happening.

He was holding on Lyra tightly and the wound in his chest healed up as normal, but as it did Lyra’s wounds started healing themselves too. It was almost as if his healing was flowing into her and healing her too.

The wound on her head sewed back together and the blood retreated into her, the puncture wound on her side mended, and was good as new within a few seconds. The bruises on her body disappeared, and not but half a minute after she began healing, she began breathing normally again.
Valenstar finally released Lyra and he fell backwards. After a few seconds Lyra regained consciousness. She was completely healed!

She immediately looked to Valenstar. She gazed deep into his eyes before leaning in close to whisper something to him. I could not hear what it was and neither could I hear his response. What could they have to talk about?! He was a coward! He waited until all the fighting had been done before he joined us! My thoughts were brought crashing to a halt.

She kissed him on the forehead, before taking his hands in hers. She kissed HIM!!

I was furious. I took a step forward to confront him but Destran stepped into my path to block me.

“Move Prince before I do something I will regret” I growled menacingly at him.

“If I move you will do something you will regret” He replied calmly. He tried to take my arm but I shook him off and stormed away leaving Lyra with her new lover.

I was filled with rage and didn’t see where I was going. I was just walking. Soon I found myself outside the blacksmiths store once more. He greeted me happily but then he saw my expression.

“Is there something wrong?” he inquired, his voice quivering as he faltered under my stare.

“I need a sword” I replied, taking a step towards him. “I have to kill someone”.

“I think I have just the sword for you” He answered quickly with a smile spreading across his face. “Follow me please”.

I followed him into the store and into a back store room. He shut the door behind us and then started moving boxes out of the way. Quickly a door in the floor appeared. He opened it and entered the small space. I followed, wondering why he would hide a sword beneath ground. What use was it there? He stopped in front of a large steel cabinet. He slowly opened the heavy door and stepped aside to let me see what was inside. There was a scabbard with a long sword in it. I picked it up and brought it out of the cabinet.

“Be careful” He warned. “I forged that sword many years ago from the metal of a moon rock that I found on my travels of this fine world. The edge does not go blunt, it never needs to be sharpened. Also it can cut through almost anything that is not magical. I had to have that scabbard specially made for it so that it could be safely housed on your person” He boasted with a smile on his big face.

A vicious smile spread across my face when he said it could cut through anything. This would serve me most efficiently.

“How do I pay you for this? I can work for you instead of money” I said, hoping he would accept my offer.

“That won’t be necessary. You saved my life and my home. I have no need for this blade. I just keep it locked up all day. Please take it as a show of my gratitude to your deeds” He replied happily.

 “I thank you kind sir” I said quickly, and with that I left his shop. I started back towards the square where I had left the group. I tied the scabbard to my belt and unsheathed my sword. The grip fit my hand perfectly. There were strange glyphs carved into the base of the blade. I had never seen them before but they looked strangely familiar.

I continued towards the square. My mind set on murder.

The End

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