A Warrior or a Magician?

So they had managed to put up with me for a few days as I tagged along with them down the mountain and through various forests. Zahkon looked at me throughout the whole time, waiting for an excuse to attack me though I didn’t give it to him. We were approaching a town called Lamir, I had been here a few times. Nice place, good whores.

However, as we entered a clearing we could see the town was under attack and several buildings were burning, I peered my eyes to see a ship in the water and people running away from the town. Hmm… it appears that they were under attack from pirates, can’t say I'm surprised though, living on the coast always presented these problems. Plus the distance from here and the capital meant practically no protection from the guards, sucks to be them I guess.

That’s when Destran drew his sword and charged at the town, calling out for the others and the fleeing townsfolk to stand by him, declaring his royal status. Damn and here I thought we could have a leisurely stroll towards… hold on… ship… pirates… I don’t believe I went quite as giddy as I did then when I realised there was a freaking PIRATE SHIP ripe for the taking! I loved pirates! I would use their attack on the town to commandeer the ship and go searching for treasure! Arrr!!

“Whoo go pirates! Yeah get them! WOOHOO! PIRATES!” I began to chant in a quick attempt to annoy my travelling buddies, though I think Lyra was the only one who heard me because she was the only one who shot me a look of murder. BAH HA!
They had left me behind and I began taking a stroll towards the town, weaving in and out of the late leavers who were still trying to flee, though I think Destran must have rallied a sizable force, because I saw a significant lack of young and middle aged men fleeing the town.

I wondered about the streets, ignoring the brawls that were happening along it and made my way to the port, that’s where I saw it. The pirate ship, and what a beauty it was! And all mine for the taking!
I jumped into the water and swam towards it, when I reached it I climbed up the anchor chain and stepped onto the deck with my hands on my hips, there were three pirates there who were reloading a cannon on the port side, ready to fire into the town again.

I stepped down towards them when they hit the ignition to fire again before they noticed me. I wasn’t really bothered what would happen to the town, but if the others found out I’d let a cannon shoot down another building they’d probably have my balls. I quickly unsheathed my sword and cut the cannon in half, causing it to explode as it was in the process of firing; the pirates were blasted off of the deck whilst I flew backwards into the captain’s cabin.

Took me about half a minute to heal all of the burns on my body, I looked down and noticed my clothes were torn to shreds. I stood up and saw a mirror in the cabin, I admired myself for a moment when I blinding light shined from somewhere in the town. I looked out of the lavish looking window but couldn’t see where it came from, I turned around and saw a coat hanging from the door and took that to wear over my ruined top.

I looked at the mirror again and I looked very piraty! Aww yeah! Though there was something missing… A PARROT! I needed a parrot on the shoulder! Then I could be a real pirate! Well shiver me timbers! I best be finding me one o’ them pet stores that be selling them thar animal things! I took me scallywags and treasure seeking compass on my voyage outside, and took a dip back to the landlubbers!

Whilst I searched for a pet store, a few pirates tried to attack me, realising I wasn’t one of their own. I had to dodge, duck and dive throughout the streets, refusing to fight. I had to lead them to other opponents so that they could fight them instead, however my latest opponent was quite deadsest on killing me, namely because it appeared he was the captain and he wanted his coat back.

“Now hold on thar matey! We be shipmates sailin the seas together!” I pleaded with him as he took a few swings at me.
“Why are you speaking like an idiot?!” He yelled at me.
“I be a pirate, on a quest to find a lost island with buried treasure! Surely ye be joining me on this here quest laddy?” I joked with him.
“Are you making fun of me?! I’ll kill you! You filthy maggot!” The pirate captain yelled at me.
“Whoa thar ya landlubbing son of a whore! Ye could be fightin me, the most feared cap’n on the seven seas, or ye could be fightin that there Sievere over thar!” I reasoned, pointing to Lyra who had just come into my view, looking a bit lost.
“Sievere?” The captain turned around to look at her.
“Ya know what they rumour don’t ya? That when ye kill a Sievere, they kiss ya and show ya ta buried treasure” Arr!!” I said plying on his weak mind; I knew that Lyra would be more than a match for this guy. Plus Zahkon would save the day if things got too hectic for her, he always stuck to her like a bad rash.
“I’ll leave you this time, but when we meet I’ll be taking my coat back!” The captain threatened.

I waved my hand to brush him off as he charged at Lyra who saw him coming and deflected his blow. I kept on venturing into the streets, looking for a pet store. I however got lost, and several minutes after fooling the captain I had ended back to exactly where I was again, I never had much luck with direction! However, I noticed something not right on the other side of the plaza to me.

Lyra was on the floor, and several men were beating her. There was a lot of silvery blood around and it was clear she was seriously injured, to top it off the captain was laughing at her on the ground. Ah crap… it was me who sent him at her; don’t tell me she got hurt because of me?! Where the hell was Zahkon!? He’s supposed to be watching out for her! The captain raised his sword for a final blow and I didn’t even think about it, I wasn’t going to have that young, sexy, naïve, love-struck girl die because of me.

I threw my boomerang quickly and knocked the sword out of his hand, the pirates saw me catch my boomerang and reacted instinctively, they charged at me sword's raised. I unsheathed my sword and ran at them with my superior speed, they couldn’t even react. They were moving very slowly to me so I had no trouble weaving in and out of them, skilfully cutting their necks as I went by them.
What was a minute to me must have been only a second to them, and in a flash, they all fell to the ground with blood spilling out of their slashed throats whilst I sheathed my sword standing over Lyra.

I can’t tell if she saw me or not but she was hurt bad, and she was slipping in and out of consciousness. At that moment a whole group or pirates appeared on the side of the plaza closest to the pirate ship, whilst about fifty men appeared behind me to meet them. I couldn’t see any of the group, or Zahkon. I couldn’t leave Lyra like this, not when it was my fault she ended up like this, so I decided to end it quickly so she could be helped quicker without distraction.

The two groups of people faced each other, glaring the other side down. I stepped in the middle of the plaza with my sword unsheathed and my eyes focused on the pirates. The group of villagers watched me and somehow drew courage from my lone wolf stance and assembled behind me, the pirates charged and we did the same, meeting each other with bashes and pushes, which knocked many men to the ground.

I walked forward to see a pirate coming at me head on, I side dodged his overhead swing and twirled my sword, cutting his head off. Another came to my side after killing a villager and I parried his thrust, and followed up with a slash of my own.
Two more came at me head on; I deflected the first blow with ease and kicked him in the stomach, as he keeled over I rolled over his bent back to dodge a swing from the other pirate. A third pirate came at me so I grabbed the keeled over pirate with one arm and used his body to take the thrust from him, and I threw the now lifeless body at him to stumble him.
I spun and cut the hands off of the second pirate behind me as he went to strike my back, but didn’t finish him off; a villager stabbed him in the back before being cut down by another pirate from his right. I jumped at that pirate and spun in the air with my sword sticking out, slashing him several times before I landed and he fell.
I thrust behind me and impaled the pirate whom I had stumbled with the body I used as a shield and he fell over to the ground. More villagers ran past me and cut the pirates down who were now beginning to fall back.
I ran with them and slashed down three more pirates before skidding on the floor and slid underneath a fourth one to dodge a slash from him. I kicked up and grabbed his head with my legs and, using my arms as balance on the floor, curled my body and lifted him off of his feet. A sickening crunch in his neck when he hit the floor told me my job was done, I shot back upwards just in time to see the last of the pirates cut down by the villagers, who all began cheering over their victory.


This was short lived however as a scream made everyone go deafly silent immediately.


“LYRA!!” Yara screamed as she pushed her way past a group of people and running to her fallen friend.
Destran appeared from where she had and did the same. “NOO! LYRA!” He screamed.

Yara scooped up Lyra in her hands; she was alive, but barely. Blood was oozing from her uncontrollably as tears streamed down Yara’s face. “Y…Ya…ra… where… is… Zah…k…kon…?” Lyra said weakly and quietly.
“Don’t talk! Oh my god there’s so much blood! Destran! Help me get her to the water!” Yara said with a hoarse voice.
“She’s not going to make it! The water is too far” Destran said panicked as he tried to pick her up to carry her.

At that moment, a horribly cry could be heard and an arrow zoomed past Destran’s head who nearly dropped Lyra. I saw Zahkon running at them with his tattoos glowing faintly and tears going down his face uncontrollably. “STAY AWAY FROM HER!! SHE’S MINE!!” Zahkon yelled at Destran whilst snatching her.

Brena appeared beside me with blood on her face, though I didn’t think it was hers, she put her hands to her mouth and became misty eyed. “Oh no” she said softly.
Zahkon tried to wake up Lyra but to no avail as he hurried towards the ocean with Destran and Yara in hot pursuit. “Don’t you dare leave me Lyra! I had just found you! Please don’t leave me alone, I don’t want to be alone anymore! I have you now!” He said passionately and biting his lip.

It was clear to me that Lyra would not make it, even if they did get her to the water. This was my fault… if they found out it was me who sent the pirates at her they’d never forgive me, and I’d never be able to fulfil the request given to me. I suppose there was no other choice, I had to help.


I stepped in front of Zahkon, barring his way to the ocean. He hissed at me and tried to get past me but to no avail. The anger in his face was almost as powerful as the grief he must have felt as the love of his life slowly died in his arms.
“YOU! DON’T DO THIS NOW!! LET ME SAVE HER YOU BASTARD!!” He screamed at me whilst trying to punch me.
Destran and Yara ran at me and tried to tackle me to the ground in anger, but I dodged and punched Zahkon in the face, regretfully I’d like to add. I caught Lyra out of Zahkons arms whilst he stumbled and laid her on the ground peacefully.
“Trust me guys, this way is for the best” I said grimly as I prepared for the task ahead of me.

I put my arms on Lyra, she was still breathing but she had lost a lot of blood. This was going to be hard, but I think I may just be in time. I looked her in the eyes and took a deep breath as I reached for my sword. I wasn’t able to reach it however as I yelled in pain as a sword pieced me through the chest from my back, I turned to see Zahkon holding the blade with pure rage in his eyes, and his tattoos glowing brightly once again. Now I knew what that light was, he was steadily getting stronger. Very good.

“Thanks, that’s just what I was gonna do” I said whilst coughing blood.
He retracted the sword and prepared to strike again as I refused to remove my arm from Lyra, but he froze as he saw the unexpected events that unfolded.

I put both arms back on Lyra and held tightly as the wound in my chest healed up, the skin sewing back together and the blood retracting. But as it did, energy pulsed through my body and pumped into Lyra, she was bathed in my healing abilities whilst they were active. As my body healed itself, so did Lyra’s.
The wound on her head sewed back together and the blood retreated into her, the puncture wound on her side mended, and was good as new within a few seconds. The bruises on her body disappeared, and not but half a minute after she began healing, she began breathing normally again.
I let go and fell backwards onto my butt, a few seconds later Lyra shot up and looked at her hands. She was shocked to say the least, she was completely healed and had no idea what had happened.

Only my heavy breathing managed to catch her attention and she looked at me, she seemed to slowly understand that it was me who healed her and she looked into my eyes before leaning in close to whisper to me. “What did you do?” She said quietly.
“Nothing, just got myself out of trouble” I breathed back.
“You’re not evil… are you?” She said as it dawned on her that I was not who I made myself out to be.
“I'm me” I replied.

She kissed me on the forehead briefly before taking my hands.


“Thank you Jack.”

The End

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