Fatal Injuries?

“It’s no beast Zahkon. That’s a boat. There are people on it with “machines” and these machines throw out balls of metal which is what you just saw” I whispered to Zahkon, feeling my eyes burn black as I watched the once magnificent building burning, and crumbling to the ground.

Destran withdrew his sword, gripping it tightly he pelted as fast as he could down the hill, Yara in hot pursuit; I had never seen Destran look so angry before.

Zahkon’s hand grasped my hand and I didn’t need one iota of encouragement, as soon as we had seen Yara legging it down the hill we followed suit, my eyes burning blacker then they had ever done before, those pirates were attacking innocent people and I wasn’t going to stand for it. The new girl Brena hurried afterwards but Jack stayed put.

“Coward” I heard Zahkon mutter, glancing quickly back over his shoulder and seeing Jack jumping up and down at the top of the hill, faint chanting could also be heard.

“Woooo Go PIRATES” he bellowed at the top of his lungs and my eyes burned –if it was possible- blacker still.

“I am your Prince! Turn and fight these scum of the sea! Fight for your homes!” Destran shouted at the fleeing townsfolk, some of whom turned back around, showing that they were willing to help, others running as fast as their legs could carry them towards the hills.

Pirates charged down the street towards us and Zahkon and I veered to the right and reached a dead end, I pulled out my blade with my spare hand and with the other gave Zahkon’s hand an affectionate squeeze. If we were going to die, we’d die fighting.

We were surrounded by pirates now.

Zahkon dropped his bow to the ground closed his eyes and raised his arms high in the air, I had no idea what he was doing, my blade remained poised ready to attack the advancing pirates if necessary but there was no need for the pirates had stopped their tracks, looking at Zahkon with mild amusement.

The amusement quickly turned into horror as Zahkon’s tattoos had begun to glow, brighter and more powerful than they had done when he had been fighting with Jack. Zahkon emitted a pure white light which was blinding, making the pirates shield their eyes and stumble backwards.

From the corner of my eye I spotted Brena, who had just cut down a pirate, drop to her knees and lay motionless on the ground. Deciding that Zahkon could handle these pirates on his own, I slipped out from behind him and ran towards Brena who was now getting unsteadily to her feet.

“You alright?” I asked, helping her steady herself.

“I think so” she said, giving me a weak smile.

More pirates were advancing now, I held my blade out in front of me, it looked quite small and insignificant compared to the large sharp swords the pirates wielded, however I managed to match the pirate who was trying to attack me blow for blow … for a while that is.

My luck failed on me when the pirate, realizing he couldn’t beat me on his own called for back up and I was surrounded by no less than ten bloodthirsty, power-hungry pirates. My blade was knocked out of my hand and out of my reach, and I was knocked fiercely to the ground.

There was no sign of Destran, Yara, Zahkon or Brena anywhere I looked, fighting with the pirates has carried me slowly further away from any protection I would have had if I had stayed with Zahkon and now I was completely defenseless.

The pirate I had been fighting knocked me to the ground, kicking me as I fell so I skidded across the ground. Another pirate then lunged at me with his sword cutting deep into my side and soaking my dress in silvery blood.

I pulled myself unsteadily to my feet, my vision blurring in and out of focus, but before I could come up with a strategy to defend myself I was knocked back to the ground so that I banged my head hard against the concrete and for good measure my other side was slashed open.

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t see, I could feel blood seeping from my head and my sides, and I could feel my consciousness slipping away.

I closed my eyes, in the hope that in doing so I would regain some strength  but the pirates seemed to have no mercy and began to kick my until my body was aching and I was positive that I was going to die and slow and painful death.

I kept my eyes tight shut, thinking of Zahkon and Yara trying to ensure that if I did die, they would have been that last two people I thought of …. My best friend and my lover.

My feeling of my aching, bleeding body ebbed away into nothingness as I lost consciousness, not sure if I would ever wake up.

The End

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