We finally made it to the coast after what seemed like miles of mountains and forest. The land just seemed to drop away into the large blue-grey stretch of water. The breeze blew across my face and I took a deep breath of the salt air. The ocean, it was the first time I had ever been near it. I stood just staring at it for a minute before I realized that everyone was gone. I turned to see them all running down the hill towards the small fishing village.

I looked closer at the village, the buildings seemed to be catching fire spontaneously. Then I saw the figures with torches, then the ship. Pirates! I pulled my axe out of it's holster on my back, giving it a few swings. I looked after the rest of them on the hill, Yara and Destran were far ahead, Lyra not far behind, but Zakhon, he had stopped. And he was lighting up like a candle. He began marching forward, almost hypnotized, getting brighter every step. Squinting against his glow, I ran past him.

"If you want to maim, aim for the lower regions," My father swung his axe at the target's legs, showing me how to cut the right muscles to cripple.

I swing my axe down, cutting the the hamstrings on a passing pirate. He collapsed in a second.

"To kill, aim for the upper regions. Either the gut." He demonstrates. "Or the neck." Another swipe and the dummy's head fell to the ground.

Another few swings of my axe anda few more pirates dropped around me. I heard a savage yell and a blast of light blew across the village square. The pirates all dropped, around me. I made the mistake of looking at Zahkon and everything went black.

The End

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