We travelled for two days through forest and mountains until reached the edge, where the last mountain met the last trees of the forest. From here we could see the sea, and I felt a slight ache in my heart that longed to be back amongst the waves, although the desire for land and the quest was still stronger. It was the middle of the day so we ate, and I distanced myself as far from Jack Valenstar as possible. His moaning and constant appetite for the last two days had made my eyes darken on more than one occasion, and they turned pitch black whenever he teased and joked about relationships between me and anyone else. His favourite subject had been Destran, and so I had unwillingly for the last day put myself a little apart from Destran, in order to lessen the insults. Of course, Jack then began wondering if we'd had a lovers quarrel and I wanted him to make me feel better. I replied that even if he was my soul mate I would fight it every inch of the way to prevent myself from ever being with him.

Brena seemed to be having better luck with him than the rest of us. She joked away with him, although he sometimes managed to offend her she seemed to be able to roll most of the insults off her back as if they were water. I was impressed with her and decided to try and be more like that.

As I ate I watched Lyra and Zahkon. Every touch of their skin seemed right now, and I realised I had given up on the idea of stopping them, and was content to let my friend be happy. The past two days had shown Zahkons devotion to her, because he was constantly helping her, and looking after her. Although it did mean I could spend less time with her, I was happy that she was happy, and that was all I felt on the matter now. And Zahkon himself had grown on me; his knowledge and yet his quietness seemed to me to be signs of modesty and also great suffering. I wondered at him, for now that I had gotten past my dislike for his emotions towards Lyra I was content to understand him, and that I could not do.

We finished out meal and Valenstar began complaining that he wanted more. I rolled my eyes, and saw Destran smile a little, having caught the action. A smile curved my lips too, but I hid it by reaching down for my pack and putting it on my back. We began our travel again, heading for a small town we could see on the edge of the sea. The map we had informed us it was called Lamir, and I very much hoped that it would present us with somewhere that Lyra and I could swim for a while. We had not had many chances to bathe recently, and the travel was beginning to take its toll. We were tired, and a swim would do us good.

As we reached the top of a hill that looked over the town, I saw smoke rising. I was beginning to wonder whether they had a fire lit when there was a bang, and a small object flew in to one of the house, causing it to break and catch on fire. I glanced out to sea and saw the one thing that all sievere who turn to drowners watched out for, and chose as their pray. Pirates.

I heard the sliding of metal to my left, and saw Destran had drawn his sword. He was angry, I could tell from his eyes, and I needed no more than that to make my blood boil too. We started down the hill, breaking in to a run towards the town. I could see Zahkon following with Lyra's hand grasped in his, and Brena had her axe at the ready. I could not see Jack, but I suspected he was too lazy to come and help.

I slipped my knife from my leg and held it firmly, ready to fight once we entered the town. If pirates were attacking one of the towns owned by Destran, I would fight for it.

The End

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