Swiss Cheese Map

"Did you bring your own bowl?" I asked, exasperated. Next time he passed out we were leaving him behind. I didnt want another mouth to feed on this trip, not really. Especially not a loud, endlessly hungry mouth like Valenstar's. I served out stew, ignoring Valenstar's makeshift bowl until everyone else was served.

I sighed, I guess we couldnt kick him out now, he'd given me the information I needed, however crudely. I opened the now half ruined map and pointed at the hole in the sea.

"That is the closest mark to our own location. I say we head there next." I said. Yara, Lyra, Brena and Zahkon gathered around with their stew and we plotted our course.

"We'll go through the forest again." Zahkon said. "I know the fastest way through it."

"We have to go around the castle and town, I dont want people to think I've given up." I said.

"We can use disguises." Brena chimed in, excited.

I grinned, excited too. We were that much closer to finding the Stone.

The End

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