Childish Bickering

I inhaled his sweet scent as our kisses became more passionate and lustful; there was no one else I’d rather have been with. His hands ran through my hair and I ran my long slender fingers across his bare chest which was unusually warm, but useful especially on a cold night like this one. I could almost feel his heart pounding hard against his ribcage, threatening to burst from his chest.


We walked back to the tavern in silence, my arms were wrapped tightly around him to keep warm and our breath rose up in a mist before us.  Was this all some very realistic dream or was this really happening, was I really with the man of my dreams. I pinched myself and flinched lightly as it hurt then I sight contently, knowing that this was in fact really happening.

We entered the tavern and were greeted by Jack and the girl Brena who were chatting to each other in slurred speech; clearly they had drunk a little too much. Zahkon and I slipped passed them and made our way upstairs and found my room without much difficulty. I yawned and settled myself down, my vision was going slowly blurred and as I cuddled up to Zahkon for warmth and dropped off to sleep.

Zahkon’s shouts and thrashing around was what awoke me from my trance the next morning, he was shouting in his sleep and shaking uncontrollably on the floor ….. It terrified me.

“Zahkon?! Zahkon wake up! Please, please wake up” I shouted shaking his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” he asked opening his eyes and sitting up.

“You were lying on the floor shaking I thought something was wrong” I breathed, trying to control the sobs which were threatening to overcome me, it would have been silly to cry …. It was just a nightmare after all … everyone had them.

Yara and Destran came hurrying into the room, while Yara bent over Zahkon, Destran perched on the edge of the bed and wrapped a comforting arm around my shoulder and several tears trickled down my face at the thought of Zahkon being injured or in danger.

When Yara was sure that Zahkon was fine, she got to her feet, nodded to Destran and they both hurried from the room. As Yara left, I was sure I glimpsed Yara’s eyes to be slightly darker than normal …. She really didn’t trust Zahkon.

I stretched out my hand and pulled Zahkon to his feet, then pulled him into a hug, more tears splashing down my face.

“Hey, don’t cry” he said soothingly, “I’m fine, honest” he said rubbing the tears away and stroking my head affectionately.

“Sorry I am being silly” I murmured, “I just couldn’t bear it if anything bad happened to you!” I confessed, wondering whether that sounded a little too clingy but Zahkon just smiled warmly at me before starting to pack his things away and get organized for the day ahead, we were leaving this tiny little village now and heading out of the mountains to continue our search for the stone. One thing we didn’t know was that two more people were coming with us, one of which was unwelcome.


"Right, who wants to give me some food? I'm starving!" Jack called, and Yara and I both rolled our eyes at him, despite the fact that he had saved all of our lives from a Darma I had began to loath him dearly. Not only was he rude and uncouth but also downright vile to be around…. And the worst thing was that he couldn’t just die!

Zahkon and Destran jumped to their feet, withdrawing their weapons and staring angrily at Jack who was just smiling annoyingly.

"Why do you follow us Valenstar?" Destran asked, while Zahkon bared his teeth.
“Why not? It’s not as if I have anything better to do” he replied laughing and taking a step forward. This was a step to close for comfort for Zahkon who fired an arrow at Jack which hit him in the shoulder.

“Oww! What was that for?! That bloody hurt you Idiot!” Jack yelled at Zahkon, taking another step forward, we all scrambled to our feet and prepared ourselves to fight Jack if needed but Jack just laughed at us all before saying boastfully;

“Look everyone; if I wanted to fight I would have beaten you all by now. I’m not here to fight, I'm here to eat! Now what's cooking?”

“You are not welcome here Valenstar, I thought I made that perfectly clear?” Destran said, pointing his sword at him … who did not flinch at the sword being pointed at him.

“Yeah you did, but guess what? I don’t care! This is a free world Prince Prick; I can go where I want! And if I want to follow you guys, well guess what? You can’t stop me! BAH HA!”  

Jacks laugh was cut short and turned into a yelp halfway though, Zahkon had shot another arrow at him, “Can you please stop that?! That is quite painful!” he said scowling at him with a look of sheer dislike and realizing that Jack wasn’t going to suddenly start attacking he lowered his bow and arrow.

“Guys, I'm not sure if my opinion is worth anything here, but I don’t think he’s dangerous and he has a point. If he wanted to attack us he would have done so by now” Brena cut in, breaking that awkward silence which had followed Zahkon shooting an arrow at Jack.

“No Destran! He tried to kill Lyra! There is no way we can have him here!” Yara implored

“Uh… no I didn’t” Jack butted in

“Yes you did!” she said, her eyes turning black.

“Oh no I didn’t!”

“Oh yes you did!” Yara said yelling.

“Oh no I didn’t!” Jack chanted annoyingly.

I rolled my eyes before jumping into the argument, “Yes you did” I said stamping my foot.

“He said something about wanting to see how powerful Zahkon is, so he pretended to try and kill you” Destran cut in.

“Liar” Zahkon snarled.

“Look, I don’t wanna fight right now. I just want to eat” Jack said very slowly as though we were all very stupid.

“Leave now Valenstar, or we will force battle on you” Destran said, brandishing his sword slightly but Jack chuckled. “What good would that do? You guys can’t stop me! BAH HA!”

I gave up listening to the argument, quickly rolling my eyes to the sky when Yara glanced in my direction and she smiled. Honestly Jack was like a spoilt brat who wasn’t used to the word No or in this case the phrase ‘Get Lost!’

Jack dropped to his knees very suddenly, I whirled around , his eyes were out of focus and it was clear that he couldn’t hear us as we shouted his name countless times. Then no sooner had he collapsed he came round again, looking slightly unnerved.

"Whats wrong?" Brena asked, looking slightly concerned.

“Nothing” He muttered, “I’m hungry, I need food NOW” he demanded.

I rolled my eyes at him.

The End

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