Destran had decided that we were to leave this village, and if I was honest I was glad. This place made me act like a girl again, as though I wanted to laugh and skip and forget about all the bad things in the world.

Zahkon was clearly unaware of the conflicting emotions I had about him. On the one hand, I did not like the way he was, the way he seemed to have so much about him hidden deep within. It seemed as though he would never share it. I was also aware of the great power he now suddenly possessed, and was worried that he might not be able to control it and would end up hurting or even killing Lyra. Then on the other hand, she was in love with him, which meant that some part of me liked him, because he had been able to secure the affection of the person I cared most about. She was my closest friend, like a sister to me, and so what made her happy made me happy too.

As I left the room, annoyed at the way Zahkon had dismissed my attempt at letting him know that I was trying to like him, Destran caught up with me.

"What was that about?" He asked. "I thought you were going to like him for her sake?"

"I'm trying. But I still have this doubt about him- like there's more to him than meets the eye."

"We have only just met him Yara. What did you think he would do; bare his soul to us?"

I opened my mouth to respond and then shook my head.

"I'm overreacting."

"Just a little." He smiled, and brushed my cheekbone with his thumb before snatching his hand back and swiftly walking down the stairs.

I touched my cheek and frowned. There was something not quite right about Destran.


As we moved out, I noticed Brena had joined us with a pack and her weapon.

"So you are coming along?" I asked.

"Destran asked me to lead you from the mountains. He said you needed to get out because the thin air was making all of you crazy.

I glanced at Destran, who was walking ahead. He had said that?

I walked alongside Brena, Destran leading and Zahkon and Lyra following as we made our way through the village. A few times I felt as though we were being followed, and when we eventually stopped to eat, I realised we had been. Valenstar appeared from out of the trees.

"Right, who wants to give me some food? I'm starving!"

I rolled my eyes and ignored him, instead passing a slice of bread to Brena who was serving stew. Destran and Zahkon however leapt to their feet, hands on their weapons.

"Why do you follow us Valenstar?" Destran asked, while Zahkon bared his teeth.

The End

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