Wake Up Call



I stared at Lyra. I was completely speechless. What she had said was still being absorbed by my brain.I knew that you were the one and so I gave you my heart.Was this really happening or was I dreaming? I heard Lyra say something but I couldn’t even figure out what it was, my mind was in a state of shock.


The worry in Lyra’s voice brought me back to my senses. I looked up at her to find that she was starting to cry. I lifted my hand and gently brushed a tear from her cheek. I pushed her hair back out of her face and leaned in and kissed her, first on her forehead and then on her lips. I inhaled her scent as we kissed. It was intoxicating. My hands took on a mind of their own and started running through her soft, silky hair. The kiss grew deeper and more passionate. Her soft lips were pushing roughly against mine. Her hands were roaming all over my bare chest as I held her in a tight embrace. The only time we stopped kissing was for a chance to breathe.


We finally stepped clear of the forest and could see the village again. Lyra was clinging to me as the temperature dropped after the setting of the sun. I wished I could just give her my heat so that she could be warm too. We stepped into the tavern to find Valenstar and the new girl intoxicated at the bar. I made a note to myself to learn her name. They were drunk they did not even notice our passing them. I brought Lyra up to her room and stayed with her as she fell asleep. I soon followed her into the world of dreams.

I slowly and stealthily made my way forward through more trees until I suddenly had no more trees to climb to. I had reached the edge of the Forest. All that lay before me was blackened earth and the distinct smell of decay which filled my lungs with each stunned breath I inhaled. I had heard stories of the Wastes of Kavar before but those descriptions didn’t come close to the… wrongness that hung in the air like smog refusing to be dispersed by the wind. And with that thought I realised there was no wind. The air was completely dead. There was no sign of life neither in the skies nor on the ground and there were no trees to speak off. This place exuded evil. It was evil to its very core. A loud roar ripped through the air from behind a nearby hillock. I tried to turn to leave but the branch beneath me snapped and threw me to the ground. I scrambled to my feet and took a step backwards. As soon as my foot hit the ground it sank in and wouldn’t come back out. My other foot started sinking too.

Another deafening roar came from behind the hillock but it was closer this time. I struggled to free my feet but to no avail, I was being help in place like a sacrifice for the unseen beast. I could hear loud hoof beats from behind the hillock but not as you would expect. There were not four beats, just two each time. Could it be a monster with hooves? The hoof beats came closer still and my nose was filled with the scent of pure evil. After a few moments the beast rounded the hillock. It was hideous and huge. It was as tall as two men and as wide as four. It had two huge horns on the top of its otherwise human shaped head. The arms and torso were also of human origin but below the waist was different. The legs were covered in grey fur, and it had huge hooves instead of feet.

The beast stuck out his tongue to test the air. This was not a human tongue, it was thin and red and forked at the end, unlike anything I had seen before. He adjusted his course and started towards me. His tongue flicking out every few steps as he walked. When he was only a few paces away he let out an ear shattering roar. I was so scared I didn’t even try to move or escape, I just stood there waiting for him to kill me. He stepped right up to me and sniffed at me. I stayed absolutely still. His mouth opened into a disturbing grin revealing several rows of sharp teeth. It was like a mouth full of daggers. I tried once more to free my legs in a futile attempt to escape this beast. He let out what sounded like a distorted laugh and opened his mouth…

“Zahkon?! Zahkon wake up! Please, please wake up” Lyra shouted while shaking my shoulders.

“What’s wrong?” I asked suddenly alert.

“You were lying on the floor shaking I thought something was wrong” She said breathless, just as Yara and Destran burst through the door into the room. Yara rushed to my side and started to check me over while Destran consoled Lyra.

“I thought you didn’t like me” I mumbled quietly to Yara.

“I don’t like you” She stated firmly. “But she loves you so I can’t let you just go and die”. She said it so seriously that I was absolutely certain that she meant it.

“I’m fine now. You can go”

“I don’t appreciate your tone Zahkon” She said sharply, her eyes darkening slightly.

“Yara thanks for your help, I can take it from here” Lyra told her calmly.

“If you wish” She said, rising up from beside me, before she stormed out of the room followed swiftly by Destran who closed the door softly behind himself.

Lyra helped me to my feet and we got ready for the day ahead.

The End

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