What was it with this town that had everyone in its grip? All this talk of love and lovers, Lyra and Zahkon head over heels for eachother, even Brena and Valenstar were getting along almost too well. Yara had not escaped this spell. She was teasing me more than ever, and I was getting the feeling she wanted something from me. Her presence was bringing up old memories, still tainted by our fight. I was a different person now, and things could never be the same between us. Why couldnt she seem to see that?

I went to my room in the inn and started throwing things into a bag. This town was getting to all of us, even me, though I tried to quell the strange thoughts that came into my head whenever Yara was around. Sometimes I even said them out loud, usually followed by embarrassment. I couldnt understand why this was happening. She was simply accompanying me on my quest. It wasnt more complicated than that, and it would not become more complicated than that.

Perhaps it was the altitude. The thinner air starving our brains for oxygen, resulting in all of us becoming a bit addled. It was high time to leave.

After packing I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes, quickly drifting off into a fitful sleep...

Soft music, a haunting, compelling melody. I was filled with desire, desire for the source of the beautiful sound. Somewhere far away I heard my name. I payed no mind.

Suddenly I was choking! I couldnt breath! Cold hands grabbed my face pulled me down down...

A new voice. More beautiful than the first. The sound released me. I could breath. Filled with a sensation deeper than desire, I turned toward the sound...

I woke with a start, sitting up to find my shirt and blankets damp with sweat. Rubbing my eyes I contemplated the dream. It was so real. I had felt like I was going to die, then something had saved me. I lay awake the rest of the night, thinking about it.

The End

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