Explanation Time

“It was a misunderstanding by the way! But I forgive you!” Jack called out as Zahkon and I made to leave the pub, it had been a long action packed day and everyone was tired and very irritable but none more than Zahkon.

Zahkon stopped in his tracks and turn to face Jack, his face suggested that he might start fighting with him again, “What was that?!” He snarled.

“Back in the woods, you thought I was going to attack Lyra or something. Complete misunderstanding, she thought I was gonna do something to Brena here and the whole thing just went out of control! But I forgive you!” he said in a bragging tone which made Zahkon withdraw his knife.

“How dare you! You should well be dead creature!” Zahkon spat, seeing with anger

“Yeah I told you, there is nothing I can do about that! Happens naturally!” Jack said with a shrug.

Zahkon made to start brawling with Jack again but before he could even scratch Jack, Destran got in between them, “Whoa now hold on now! Enough fighting for one day!” Destran said and Zahkon lowered the knife but I could still see that Zahkon was staring daggers at Jack with as much hatred as he could muster.

Zahkon spat on the floor, turned on his heel and left the inn and I followed in hot pursuit,

“Don’t let that idiot get to you” I said pulling him into a hug which warmed me up instantly, Zahkon was always so warm.

“I can’t help it, he just makes me so angry, the thought that he could have killed you I….” he trailed off, picked up a stone from the ground and hurled it into the darkness as a way of venting his anger.

“I couldn’t do anything to save you” he said, looking straight at me, “If anything had happened to you it would have been my fault for not being strong enough and allowing you to fight him, I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you” he finished, stroking my cheek with his hand.

“You did save me though, you used magic and saved me so how can you say that you are not strong enough to beat him when you did” I asked him grabbing hold of both of his hands, my hands were so small compared to his.

“At one point, I thought you were going to let him kill you” Zahkon murmured,

“I was.”

“But why?” Zahkon asked incredulously letting go of my hands.

I pulled Zahkon to a nearby bench and sat down, Zahkon was still staring at me with questioning eyes and when I still said nothing he asked again, “Lyra, why would you let him kill you?”

I took a deep breath before beginning to explain, “First and foremost you must know that we Sievere are monogamous, meaning we pair for life  and when I met you I felt I felt a connection straight away, it’s like I trust you …. Did you notice that I was the first to lower my weapon and my guard when we first met you?”

“What’s this got to do with you nearly getting you self killed by Jack?” Zahkon asked but I shushed him.

“As I got to know you more the more I liked you and I knew you liked me too. I began to worry about you when you weren’t around and hope that you were okay and when you were in danger like when you were fighting with Jack, I prayed no harm would come to you. When a Sievere kisses their true mate for the first time they hear the voices of their ancestors singing an ancient Sievere song and when I heard that then I knew…” I paused

“You knew what?” Zahkon asked,

“I knew that you were the one and so I gave you my heart, you could call it a token of my love for you. Anyway, when I fainted after I saw you use magic for the first time Yara splashed water on me and a recently mated Sievere will glow faintly for a couple of days afterwards and Yara saw that and she was disapproving.”

“I thought Yara liked me too” Zahkon cut in but I shushed him again,

“When I took over your battle with Jack and my blade was knocked out of my hand, I knew that to prove to Yara and to you how much I love you I had to potentially sacrifice myself, I couldn’t have reached my blade in time if I had wanted to  and then you saved me and that’s why” I finished taking a deep breath.

Zahkon looked at me without saying a word, and for a moment I was scared that I might have scared him away, especially since I had told him that I had given him my heart.

“Say something?” I asked him imploringly.

The End

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