Opening up

I walked through the halls of the castle, the words ringing in my ears over and over. ‘Find me where the stone is hidden, and I will give you what you want.’
As much as that enticed me I did not trust Stephos one bit. He had shown considerable trust in me however, he even cancelled my escort and said I could roam the castle freely. He also stated I would never find Urysus even if I did search high and low, clearly he had thought of everything.

I ventured past a large door with dim light shining on the other side and a large rat at its base, I paid no attention until I heard it creak open, a high pitched giggle, and the door close again. I was rather interested in finding out who could make a high pitched noise in this castle of doom so I went to investigate and peeked through the keyhole.
It was quite dark on the other side, and I didn’t see much movement either. So I opened the door and poked my head inside, not really expecting to see what I saw. All manners of stuffed, animal heads lined the walls, many of these creatures I had never even seen before! There were cages and hooks on the walls, some of them occupied with mummified bodies which I could have sworn that some of them were moaning.

In the middle was a large, king sized, circular bed. It had black sheets with dark red velvet drapes, and the spiders had been at it since it was covered in all kinds of nasty web stuff. Sat on the foot of this bed was a young girl, no older than fourteen or fifteen, and she had the large rat in her hands and was performing a live dissection with a small, pointy knife on its belly.
She wore a black dress with rips and tears all over and large stockings up to her thighs. She had long, frizzled, dark brown hair running down her back; she looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards to be honest. She was wearing a large amount of makeup that made her look pale and her chest was mildly exposed, she laced herself up in a tight corset and was actually very attractive, in a psychotic ‘I'm gonna kill you’ kinda why.

“Well what do we have here?” I said jokingly as my teenage self couldn’t help but stare at her chest.
Her head sprung up and her eyes narrowed to see a strange boy walking into her room. She cut off the rats head and tossed it aside before standing with the knife pointed at me. “Who are you?!” She hissed threateningly.
“Just somebody who cannot help but admire how sexy you look” I joked with a wink. She blushed and gave a slight gasp as I pressed on, not thinking about my actions and just wanting to get a reaction out of her. “So what’s your name my Gorgeous Goth Girl?”


My eyes awoke to see the starry night. I had been daydreaming a lot lately, and something about Idiot forced up some very old memories that I hadn’t thought about in years. I got up off of the branch I had been snoozing on and dropped down to the ground on the outskirts of the town, it was quite empty and more than likely Prince Prick and his motley crew would be in Brena’s inn.
I wondered over to the inn and burst inside it, I immediately saw Prince Prick with Yara. I had not come up with an effective way to join them yet so I just tried my luck and thought to be more forceful about it.

"I will join your group Prince; you can't get down this mountain without my help!" I slammed my hands down on Destran's table. Yara lifted her bowl off of the surface so that it wouldn't shake. Destran glared up at the imposing figure that was me.
"I would never let you join my group." He said coolly.

Dammit! This is precisely why I preferred being a lone wolf, because then you could make your own decisions! I slammed my hands down again and resisted the urge to punch that smug face of his. I stomped over to the bar and nearly hit Brena on the way; she quickly dashed back behind the bar and waited until I had sat down to think before she offered me a drink.
My head jerked up and I glared at her for disturbing my thoughts, she quickly filled up a tankard of ale and gave it to me before diving away into the back room. I downed my ale and put my hands to my head to try and think as quickly as possible.

I looked at Idiot and Lyra, I had gotten over the fight but clearly he didn’t. He was just waiting for me to make one more move to attack, but I wasn’t in the mood so I never gave him the chance. I looked to Prince Prick and Yara who were deep in conversation over a map on the table, I stared at the map and realised it was an outdated map of the surrounding area.
If he was going to look for the Stone of Sanfadier, he clearly had no idea how he was going to do it. Just a young fool drunk on the sense of freedom and adventure, that’s when it hit me! I could masquerade myself as a guide to the Stone, whilst on the side-lines training Idiot to use his magic effectively.

I waited a while until Yara had left him to go to bed, Lyra soon followed her and me, Prince Prick, Idiot and Brena were the last ones in the tavern. Idiot made the first move and began to leave the building, probably to go and hang out in the trees or something; Prince Prick soon began after him and began to walk towards the direction of his bedroom.

“It was a misunderstanding by the way! But I forgive you!” I called out to Idiot which made him stop in his tracks and turn with an angry look on his face.
“What was that?!” He snarled.
“Back in the woods, you thought I was going to attack Lyra or something. Complete misunderstanding, she thought I was gonna do something to Brena here and the whole thing just went out of control! But I forgive you!” I said in a bragging tone.
“How dare you! You should well be dead creature!” Idiot said getting his knife out.
“Yeah I told you, there is nothing I can do about that! Happens naturally!” I tried to explain my healing abilities.
“Whoa now hold on now! Enough fighting for one day!” Prince Prick dashed forward and forced Idiot to lower his arm.

Idiot spat and turned on his heel and ran out of the inn, Prince Prick sighed and shot me a dirty look before moving back to his room. I got off my stool and stood before him, blocking his path. “You, what’s your name? Please tell Destran here that I didn’t try to rape you, that it was a misunderstanding.” I politely asked Brena.
Brena stumbled a bit at the fact I was talking to her and she hastily nodded to Prince Prick that it was the truth, who just pushed me aside and continued on walking to his room. “Don’t try to explain yourself Valenstar! You tried to kill Zahkon and Lyra today! You cannot deny that!” He said with his back to me.
“Actually, I is denying it” I stated smugly.
Prince Prick stopped and turned with shock on his face. “How in the world can you even think of denying that?! I watched you Valenstar, you tried to kill them!” he said loudly.
“No I never tried to kill them, just make them think they were gonna die. I was perfectly under control, in case you haven’t noticed, Idiot can use magic. I was interested in seeing how strong he was with it!” I answered happily.
“Why would you want to see something as stupid as that?!” Prince Prick yelled.
“My reasons are my own, but just know I never tried to kill them. Now all I want to do is help you find that stone thingy” I lied.

Prince Prick stormed up to me, grabbed my collar and stared directly into my big blue eyes. “I will never let somebody as evil as you join me!” He said in a hushed but threatening tone. Evil? I didn’t think so; I wondered where he came up with that idea. Selfish yes, but evil? No.
Brena had to separate him from me for fear of more violence, and Prince Prick stormed off towards his room again.
“You’re heading the wrong way to the stone!” I called after him. He froze so I continued, “I’ve seen the stone, and I know where it is. If you take me with you I can lead you straight to it!”
Prince Prick was silent for a minute until he muttered a few words. “You’re a liar.”

He walked off and disappeared behind his door and I took another seat at the bar. Brena instinctively poured out another ale and slid it over to me, I grabbed it and began drinking when Brena tried to disappear into the back room again. “Just a moment, whoever you are” I called out to her, pretending that I didn’t know her name.
Brena stopped and gulped, she turned to me and said “Brena.”
“Yeah that’s right! Brana!” I said trying not to laugh at her face when I mispronounced her name.
“It’s Brena” she said sounding rather annoyed.
“Yeah that’s what I said, Brana! Anyways, back then when you said you wanted to join Prince Prick? Why is that? You only just met the man!” I questioned her to satisfy my curiosity.
She blushed at the fact that somebody wanted to know more about her and she composed herself accordingly. “Well, why do you want to join him?” She asked back with a smile.
That annoyed me a tad, “No, no… I asked you first!” I said to her with a goofy voice.
“Well I’ve been stuck here all my life, I want to go out, see the world, and make my mark” she said rather dreamily.
“And find love?” I joked in an attempt to annoy her.
“No actually, I'm not all bothered about that. I just want see what I can do with myself, get out of this place you know?” She spoke to me with a tone that sounded like she was familiar with me already. I was uncomfortable, but surprised to see she wasn’t the airheaded bimbo I originally thought her to be; my respect for her became raised a notch, even if it was only the size of an acorn.

“Can I ask you something?” She asked.
“No” I said quite amused.
“Well too bad I'm going to anyway” she laughed. She seemed to understand I wasn’t serious about most things; I liked the fact that she was rather light hearted about my whole behaviour thing.
“Fine! But I get a kiss at the end!” I joked rolling my eyes in an overly dramatic fashion.
“Not a chance” she laughed. “Do you really know where that stone thing they’re looking for is?”
“Maybe, I know several locations where it could be! I know for a fact it’s in one of those locations” I answered, resting my arms on the bar.
“How do you know that?” Brena said tilting her head.
“I just do, don’t bother asking me the specifics” I said brushing away her inquiries.
“I think I believe you” Brena said with a straight face.
“You do now huh?” I said uncaringly.
“Yeah you don’t strike me as a liar” Brena chuckled.
“Well thanks I guess Brana” I said admiring her body tone, it seemed that she no longer feared me.

We talked for a few hours; she was rather pleasant once I had gotten to know her. She was definitely impressed with my amazing strength when I showed off by picking her up and using her as a weight lifter. But then the conversation took a rather darker turn, when both of us who were a little intoxicated now, looked at each other and she looked up and down my body.

“How comes you can’t die?” She asked. Finally, now was the time somebody questioned my regeneration abilities. Normally I wouldn’t have talked, but her smile and my drunkenness opened my mouth for me.

The End

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