As night fell around my mother's old tavern I lit all the lanterns that hung on the ceiling and sat on the tables. The band of travelers walked into the tavern in pairs

First Zakhon and Lyra, looking doe-eyed at each other, and holding hands, they sat at a corner table, speaking in hushed tones.

Next was Destran with Yara following soon after. Destran was smiling, but flushed. Yara looked thoughtful, and her eyes were soft. I smiled at each pair as they came in.

"Would you guys like some dinner?" I asked. Zakhon and Lyra didn't appear to hear me, Destran nodded emphatically, Yara nodded as well. I went to the back to serve up the stew and fresh bread that my mother and I had put together for the tavern's tennants. I slid two bowls and half a loaf of bread in front of each pair. They nodded their thanks, and I went to lean against the bar. 

The night was beautifully quiet and peaceful. I hoped nothing would ruin it.

Of course it couldn't last. Jack barged into the room, shouting.

"I will join your group Prince, you can't get down this mountain with out my help!" He slammed his hands down on Destran's table, Yara lifted her bowl off of the surface so that it wouldn't shake. Destran glared up at the imposing figure.

"I would never let you join my group." He said coolly. I saw Jack's shoulders bunch up, if he had been a dog his hackles would have been up. I took a step forward, anticipating a fight. Jack said nothing though. He slammed his hands down again and walked across the room to the bar, nearly running into me in the process. I hurried to get behind the bar in case he wanted something. He was still silent. I suppressed a shiver. I hadn't known this guy for very long, but the silence seemed uncharacteristic and frightening.

"can I get you a drink?" I asked shakily. His head jerked up and he glared at me. I flinched back, grabbing a tankard, and filling it with ale, I put it in front of him and hid in the back room.

The End

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