Not a Chance

"No." I said, before I even thought about it. "You arent coming with us."

"Aww, why not?" Valenstar practically sneered as he whined.

"Three reasons." I said, but didnt elaborate. I hated him, wasnt that enough? I was the leader of this quest after all. I picked up my useless map and headed off towards the inn.

It was getting dark by this time and lamps and candles were being lit in the dim room. Brena was helping her mother out when I walked in, serving and clearing tables. I sat down and stared at the lines trying to make sense of them. I had a nagging sensation that we'd been heading the wrong direction, but I had no idea where we were actually going. Just following my instincts I guess.

The floorboards creaked slightly near me and I looked up from my thoughts. Yara stood there, a little awkwardly, her eyes were a dark blue, so something was still bothering her, but I didnt think it was Valenstar's sudden proclamation.

"Excuse me," she said to Brena. "Could I have a glass of water please." She was always so polite, so proper. Graceful too, I observed as she sat down, smoothing her skirt behind her as she did so. "What are you doing?" She asked, glancing at my map. "I thought you had already decided where we are going next?"

"I have." I replied, a little defensively, rolling up the sheif of paper. "I was just double checking." To be honest, I'd decided to go by instinct, but looking at a map, even a useless one, made me feel like I was doing something productive, and not just leading our little band blindly into trouble. "Whats bothering you?"

Her eyes went darker, and my stomach dropped nervously. "Lyra and Zahkon." She replied simply.

"They seem friendly enough. Its actually rather sweet, I think." I said without thinking. Yara slammed her knife point first into the table. I hadnt even noticed that she'd taken it out.

"If Zahkon does not feel the same way she does, Lyra is doomed!" Her tone was urgent, though not loud. "Siviere mate for life."

"I know." I replied. "I'm not worried about that."

Yara's eyes lightened as she looked at me, confused, but didnt say anything.

"Its easy to tell that Zahkon feels the same way." I explained. "They love each other, and so long as they dont do anything stupid while we're on this quest, I'm sure there wont be any issues. I'm not blind." I finished.

She laughed lightly and poked me in the nose. "Of course not." She said, then turned away I couldnt tell what she was thinking, but she got this faraway look in her now clear blue eyes. 

"Is there something you arent telling me?" I asked, my pessimistic nerves starting up again. "Are you hiding something?"

"No." Yara replied, too quickly, before standing up and leaving the tavern, just as Brena came back with the water.

"I'll pay for that." I said, dropping the coins on the table before leaving and following her.

The End

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