Idiot landed safe and sound with the help of some magic. He started to speak to Lyra when I dropped down behind him, ignoring the crunch in my legs from dropping. I became lost in thought as I stared at those glowing tattoos, so lost in thought I barely noticed Yara appear or Lyra faint.

Something about idiot stirred my memory; my anger in the fight was completely diminished when I saw him use magic, and was instead replaced with curiosity. A memory of a long time ago lifted its way to the surface and I temporarily lost sight of all those around me as I saw a man in a green cloak perform powerful magic to undo the seals of a tomb.


“So what will you do with it now?” I asked the Guardian of the Stone.
“I will hide it, in one of the areas I have told you” said the cloaked man caressing a small stone in his tattooed hands.
“Why did you tell me again where you were going to hide it… possibly?” I asked him rubbing my chin.
“You have loyalty to nobody, but you do feel pain in mistakes. It was a mistake to tell Sethos, and you feel pain in that. If you wish to make up for this mistake as I believe you do, then you will lead somebody worthy of finding the stone, somebody like me.” The Guardian spoke whilst beginning to move past me and away on his long journey.
“What if I don’t want to lead them?” I called out to him defiantly.
“Then make sure he is ready; he will have great power but not know about it. If you come across somebody like that in your doomed to fail journey of self-destruction, then make sure they are ready” said the Guardian.


I snapped out of it to see Yara pining over Lyra and Idiot standing there like an idiot. Idiot’s magic reminded me of that man, and the fact that he did not know how to use it wilfully only supported my growing hunch that this was the guy I was told to look out for. What a load of crap! I had no intention to help that decrepit geezer from the start, but now that I was faced with the actual first candidate to fit the description of the task given to me. Well I had mixed feelings to say the worst.
True, I did owe that man one. But my continued fighting with Idiot served my own purpose, I hoped deep down that his magic was strong enough, and if not now that soon enough in order to kill me.

I resolved myself to do the task appointed to me, hell it’s not as if I had anything better to do. I walked up to Idiot and tapped him on the shoulder; danger seemed to awaken his magic, or the fear of death. Either way, he was gonna get a crash course in magic handling right now! He turned and I punched him down with average force or so but he shot right back up so I took another swing at him.
He dodged this one but he wasn’t using his magic, I had to really put him on his toes so I spin kicked his legs and tripped him up. That did the trick cos’ his tattoos were glowing again now. I wondered just how strong he could muster his magical force in an attack, he moved pretty quickly, I could have dodged but I needed him to get used to his magic.

He punched my stomach and holy crap did it hurt! Winded the hell out of me! I flew through the air and into a tree which caused it to buckle, and jumped away in time to avoid being unnecessarily crushed. I came at him and decided to test his stamina now; he was pretty strong as it was.
I came in unarmed and threw a few punches and he threw a few back for good measure. I allowed his to connect with my body and crap did I regret it! He literally made indents in my chest! But he was steadily getting stronger, though he was getting a lot more tired, which was rather disappointing. I needed to test him to his limits so I put a punch in when he stopped to catch his breath and blasted him away.

No way! He had to be better than this; I guess it was time to put his life in danger. I pulled out my sword and advanced towards him trying to look as menacing as possible, if he thought he was gonna die, surely he could do better! I had no intention of taking his life, but I figured I could cut it pretty close.
However, Lyra got in my way. I was pretty surprised to say the least as she stood up to me with her knife; she must have really loved him. This was sweet in a vomiting kind of way- OW!

I had been so caught up in my thoughts that she stabbed me and kicked me onto the floor, Christ that hurt! I healed up quickly and got back on my feet, watching as a trembling Lyra forced her courage up to stand up to me.

“Stop, he is in no fit state to fight!” Lyra stated calmly while making herself a barrier between myself and Idiot.
“Move naïve little Sievere, you know nothing about this, this is between me and him.” I spat, trying to sound as hateful and as spiteful as possible. I wasn’t too good at pretending to hate somebody, but I needed to bite the bullet for this one.

The others started shouting at her to stand down, even Idiot told her not to. But this was when I got a good idea, these two lovebirds clearly cared deeply for each other, maybe even loved each other! If I simulated an attack on Lyra, than Idiot would lose himself! It was fool proof!
“I do, for you” Lyra said to Idiot, as a few tears rolled slowly down her cheeks. “Come on then” She beckoned to me. She unsheathed her blade again and wiped away her tears. She was actually serious about fighting me! Ha! You do find some odd ones here and there.

Oh well never mind, I suppose it was time to see what Idiot would do! “Let’s get this party started” I said, anticipated to see if Idiot would react.
I took a step forward and brought my sword down onto her tiny one and bashed it out of her hands, she was stronger than I had expected, and she had stopped my first blow. Pretty impressive actually now that I thought about it.

I brought up my sword for a second time and brought it down, keeping my eyes fixated on Idiot, ready to stop my arm to second he showed the slightest movement. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lyra seem to accept that death was inevitable and closed her eyes, what a stupid and naïve young girl.
Idiot moved and I stopped myself but it wasn’t necessary. “ALTGARH LICNT HUOS” he shouted in the words of the Falath’Nakan ancient language. My sword burst out of my hand and I tried to remember what those words actually meant… my ancient Falath’Nakan was a bit rusty… but I think it meant something like ‘Bone Breaking Force’

Oh wait… Before I could actually brace myself my body was blasted back and I felt my arms and legs separate from their sockets, and boy howdy did that hurt like hell! He was pretty new at magic, but he had a lot of power! He was definitely the one the Guardian spoke of, and maybe even the one to kill me!
I crashed through a tree and pretended to slip unconscious, soon enough Prince Prick came an investigated to see if I was alive, which I was. He reported that everything was A-Okay and walked back over to the group while my limbs reattached themselves, not for the fainthearted!

A few minutes later the crowd was gathering round an unconscious Idiot, clearly too much magic was exhausting for him. I stood up and parked my bum on one of the trees that had crashed over quietly observing them. I suppose I’ll have to go on this quest thing of Prince Prick’s in order to make sure Idiot learned how to control his magic, and the off chance I’ll be killed.
How to join them was another matter, and in hindsight I suppose I could have managed it better. As I marched up to them after I slid off the tree, covered my ears from the women’s’ screams after seeing me all better after a matter of minutes, and pointed directly at Prince Prick.

“Lucky day guys! I’ve decided to come with you on your quest! No thanks are necessary!” I said, trying to contain my laughs at their faces.

The End

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