Fending Off The Threat

Cool water splashed onto my face and my eyes flickered open, Yara swam into focus and my eyes met her black ones and I realized with horror that I was wet and that could only mean one thing … she had seen.

"Yara..." I began unsure what the hell I was going to say to justify myself.

“Lyra” she said with distaste, her eyes retaining their blackness.

"I... I love him Yara..."

"I can see that." she replied, her black eyes not leaving mine.

"Please, don't be angry, he loves me, don't... please..." I asked imploringly and which what appeared to be great effort her eyes lost their blackness and turned blue, all be it a slightly darker blue than normal.

"There. Better?"

Yes, thank you. I'm sure if you get to know him..." I began but Yara cut me off.

"Well that might not happen." She said pulling me to my feet so I could see what was happening between Jack and Zahkon. A tree had just fallen with a loud thud and Zahkon was now flying towards Jack, the tattoos on his hands glowing.

Jack and Zahkon collided with each other, throwing punch after punch at each other but the magic when appeared to have awakened in Zahkon was giving him the upper hand. His punches seemed to be leaving indents in Jack but as the battle wore on Jack was beginning to heal faster than Zahkon could attack. Maybe it was because Zahkon had never used his magic before or he didn’t know how to fully control it yet but the energy it was taking to use his magic was starting to take its toll and Zahkon was soon finding himself trying to catch his breath in between attacks.

I felt my eyes burn black after Jack attacked Zahkon with his sword when Zahkon wasn’t expecting it and before I could think about when I was doing I had launched myself at Jack, my blade ready to attack.

“Only a coward attacks a man when he isn’t expecting it” I shouted at my blade connected with Jacks chest. Jack doubled over in pain and I kicked him for good measure before running over to where Zahkon was lying on the ground.

“Hey, I’m here now, you okay” I asked him and he gave me a weak smile.

“I’ll live, just a bit out of breath” he breathed getting to his feet.

Jack had healed himself again and was now approaching menacingly, his sword raised again.

“Stop, he is in no fit state to fight” I said my arms outstretched, creating a barrier between Jack and Zahkon but Jack wouldn’t withdraw.

“Move naïve little Sievere, you know nothing about this, this is between me and him.

“Not anymore, if you want him, you will have to go through me” I said more confidently than I felt.

“Lyra, back down you’re no match for him” Yara called over but I ignored her.

“Lyra…” Zahkon breathed, placing a hand on my shoulder, “You don’t have to do this” he said.

“I do, for you!” I said, a few tears slipping down my face

“Come on then” I beckoned, pulling out my blade again and wiping away the tears.

“Let’s get this party started”

The End

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