I seethed with anger at the thought that Lyra might have given her heart to Zahkon. If he did not return her feelings, then she was doomed forever. I was not letting that happen.

I sat with Destran in the tavern, scratching curves and shapes in to the wood with my dagger. He seemed to notice that I was not myself, but said little, obviously not wanting to  encure my wrath. So instead I sat with black eyes, until Destran had finished studying the map, and stood.

"Let's find the others. I think we may be going the wrong way."

I stood, sliding my knife back in to the holder  that was  wrapped around my thigh. Destran averted his eyes as I did so. Then we left the village, and a blacksmith pointed in the direction that the group had gone. we followed the direction, and soon we heard shouting, and the wind carried to my ears the sounds of a bow releasing arrows.

I broke in to a run. Destran followed close behind, aware that something was wrong. We arrived in a clearing, just in time to watch Zahkon falling through the air, from a tree which Valenstar was in. I narrowed my eyes. I didn't like either of them, but for Lyra's sake, I had hoped it was Valenstar in danger. Then, an inch from the floor, Zahkon stopped. His tattoo's glowed an eerie blue, and he floated.

Destran and I stood in shock, and watched as he righted himself and then turned to Lyra, before catching her as she fainted. I watched her lips move  and then his before I marched over, seething.

"Get off her."

Zahkon looked at me, and refused. I was shocked by his refusal, but it put the fear in me that Lyra had already given him her heart. I pushed him aside and held her.

"Someone get some water." I muttered and heard the footsteps of someone complying. As water splashed on to Lyra's face I saw a tell tale glow. I gritted my teeth.

As I stood with Lyra, trying to contain my bounding anger, I heard Valenstar and Zahkon start again. They seemed to be arguing, but respectfully so, as though they had realised they matched each other in some way.

Lyra's eyes fluttered open, she met my black ones, realised she was wet, and her mouth opened.


"Lyra." I said, disapprovingly, trying still to keep my anger in check. The sound of fighting was happening behind me.

"I... I love him Yara..."

"I can see that."

"Please, don't be angry, he loves me, don't... please..."

I could feel my black eyes were causing her distress, so with great effort I calmed myself and my eyes changed.

"There. Better?"

Yes, thank you. I'm sure if you get to know him..."

"Well that might not happen." I said, turning round and lifting her so she could see what was going on. A tree fell with a large creaking and snapping, and Zahkon screamed, flying at Jack, his hands glowing.

The End

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