Good or Evil? The Dark Abilities

No matter how much I drank, I could never stop the pain. Upon realizing this sad fact, I stood up and ventured over to the prince and the Sievere and put my hands on the table, catching their attention. “So I never caught your names?” I said trying to make conversation.

The prince and the Sievere looked at each other; the prince shook his head and turned back to me. “My name is of no concern to you Valenstar” he said quite coldly.

“Whatever I don’t even really care about you.” I said dismissing him.

“My name is Yara” the Sievere said hesitantly.

“Well young Yara, it seems that Sievere have far more manners then humans” I said glancing at the prince.

Yara laughed “Yeah I guess we do” she said making fun of the prince. He simply scoffed.

“Very well Valenstar, if you wish to know who I am I shall tell you” he said quite proudly. “I am Prince Destran, son of the king, and your sovereign ruler. So you may wish to show me some respect” he boasted in an attempt to get me into line.

I laughed. “Yeah I know who you were; I was just waiting for you to act like an idiot! BAH HA!” I said rubbing it in his face.

Destran seemed pretty shocked at this revelation. “You knew who I was?! So why bother asking me my name?” He demanded to know.

“Seemed funnier at the time to let you think I was an idiot” I said while giving a loud belch which caused the entire bar to look at me.
Idiot and the other Sievere looked very offended and Idiot truly seemed like he was ready to kill me, he stormed out of the bar and his girlfriend followed him. “What about them? Who are they?” I questioned Yara.

“That was my friend Lyra, and that other man is called Zahkon” she said with a hint of distrust at the sound of his name.

“Don’t like him?” I asked, picking up on her tone.

“What? No I…” Yara said fumbling about.

“What do you want Valenstar?” Destran demanded rising to his feet.

“Same as everyone else wants I guess, a means to an end. But at this moment right now I’d say I would want information as to why the prince is undergoing his quest of adulthood in this backwater town?” I said uncaringly.

Destran seemed very surprised at the amount of knowledge I possessed, but kept his figure. “I am seeking the Stone of Sanfadier to complete my quest and be recognised as a worthy successor to the throne. Your throne I might add” Destran said without flinching over the graveness of his task.

“I don’t have a throne Prince Prick, and I couldn’t care less what your quest is. The Stone of Sanfadier? Load of rubbish if you ask me! Waste of time!” I berated him, withholding my information I knew about the stone on purpose.

“You’re drunk and I don’t need to hear from any more of you!” Destran shouted.

“Fine! I don’t want to talk with a fool who takes suicide trips so light heartily any way!” I said mindless of my words.

I went to the door and burst out of it, I was in the streets once again and the people began cheering for me again. This only served to put me in a fouler mood and I stormed off towards to woods, kicking a cat in my way as I went.
I entered the woods and walked for a bit until I came across a stream, I knelt down before it and vomited everything I had drunk in the last few hours onto the floor beside me. I looked at my reflection in the water and became overcome with anger and guilt. I hated looking at myself.

I punched the water to destroy my reflection and the water splashed in my face. The cold, refreshing water woke me up a bit from my drunken behaviour and I stood up to take a deep breath. I did some breathing exercises to try and keep my head clear and my feelings bottled up, that last thing I wanted was to show these guys I actually did have a heart, even if I didn’t have a soul.
Some leaves rustled behind me and I heard footsteps. I was too unconcerned with who it was to even look behind me, so I continued breathing whilst the person drew steadily closer.

I heard a swish, and the next thing I knew I had an axe by my neck, halting just before it struck skin. I was intrigued to say the least that somebody tried to assassinate me and halted before doing the deed, I tried to turn around when a hand held my shoulder and halted my return. “If you are so strong, how did you not see that coming?” Brena whispered behind my ear.

“Oh I saw it coming; I just chose not to do anything about it. Big difference” I stated truthfully.

“I could have had your head off!” She hissed.

“Maybe, but why would you want to do that?” I asked, forcing her hand off of me and turning around.

“I don’t want to really, but you see… it’s just that… I’ve always trained with my brothers and father to be strong. When they thought I was strong enough they sent me to scare off the creature that had besieged our small town for months, I tried so hard but I was still beaten. Along with those other people as well! Then you came along and did what you did… I just felt so… I wanted to see if I could beat you” Brena said passionately.

“Why would you want to beat me? What would you gain out of it?” I asked with a hint of arrogance.

“That man is going on a quest and I want to help him! I thought if I could beat you they would want me to join them for my strength!” She replied indignantly.

“Well you couldn’t beat me, so there goes that little dream. Just fluttering out the window, look there it goes! Goodbye little dream…” I said sarcastically whilst waving at thin air.

Brena became a little flustered; clearly I was getting on her nerves. “Why do you act like such a dick all the time!?” She shouted.

“Because I want to, it’s funny!” I said forcing a chuckle.

“No it’s not!” She protested.

“You’ll find that it is once you get used to it” I said winking.

She turned to walk away in frustration and I seized my opportunity, and run to her side and put a quick kiss on her cheek and ran away giggling like a schoolboy. She was shocked for a moment and then her eyes turned to rage. She ran at me swinging her axe which I skilfully dodged, grabbed the handle, and knocked out of her hands.
She looked to me and then to her axe on the floor and continued the attack with her fists, I grabbed both her hands with mine and forced her down. She looked very pretty when she was angry, I’ll give her that.

Just then Lyra came into the clearing and looked at me pinning Brena down on the ground and her eyes went black. “What are you doing you drunken slob?! Get off of her!” She yelled at me.

I let go and Brena rolled away keeping on her guard. I stood up and advanced to Lyra putting my hands up to signal everything was ok. “Just a misunderstanding… Lyra right? She attacked me first” I said quite smugly.

I continued to walk towards Lyra when I heard a twig snap and a roar. The next thing I knew, two arrows pierced my body, one through my heart and the other through my liver. I gasped for air and coughed up some blood, I was rooted on the spot as I looked at the two arrows embedded deep within my body, the pain was very, very hard to contain.
I yelled in pain and dropped to my knees when Zahkon dropped in front of Lyra with his bow raised and another arrow placed. “I know you saved our lives, but now I must take yours to defend those that you put at risk!” He yelled with rage in his face.

Lyra screamed and Brena was shocked, I looked at him and managed to gurgle out some words through the pain. “I wasn’t doing… anything” I gasped breathlessly.

“You reap what you sow human! You endangered Lyra, so I have done what I wanted to do since I met you and end you! You will no longer disrespect anything or anyone! You will die a pointless death, alone and hated!” Zahkon yelled at me whilst keeping himself close to Lyra.

I smirked. “Slight problem there Idiot” I said whilst getting back to my feet.

Zahkon looked very confused and raised his bow for another attack whilst the two women simply stared at me. I gave a croaked laugh and grabbed the two arrows and pulled them out in a flash of blinding pain.
Zahkon’s face distorted with fear and confusion, Lyra screamed at me, and Brena simply dropped her jaw at the sight they saw on my body.

The two punctured wounds began healing very rapidly, the skin sewed back together and the blood reversed and was sucked back into the wounds. Several seconds after standing up the wounds had completely disappeared and nothing but two holes in my top remained.
“I have to die first” I finished with a laugh.

Zahkon shot another arrow at me to which I hastily caught in mid-air with my hand. He was shocked at the fact I could match his speed with his bow and took a step backwards. “You! I knew there was something off about you! I could smell it!” He yelled at me.

“Off about me? You mean my healing? That’s unintentional Idiot, nothing I can do about that” I answered shrugging.

“You freak of nature! You are evil and unnatural, and for the good of the forest and the people! I will destroy you!” Zahkon shouted.

“That’s a bit over the top- WHOA!” I said before dodging another arrow shot at me. “Can you please stop shooting at me!? It’s really aggravating!” I pleaded with the Falath’Nakan who had a very serious face on him. He was fighting for serious.

“Die creature!” he yelled whilst firing arrow after arrow at me, to which I dodged them all.

This was where I got a little frustrated, I hated fighting, but he was forcing it on me. He was not listening to reason, and all over a misunderstanding. I stood up and lowered my eyebrows. “Alright, that’s how you wanna play it! Let’s dance!” I yelled annoyed.

I ran at him with my superior speed and knocked the bow out of his hands, spun and kicked him in the stomach. He went flying into a tree to which he skilfully flipped and landed at the base of it, he pulled out a knife and climbed the tree in an attempt to gain some high ground.
I kicked and climbed off of two trees one after the other to ascend, by the time he had got to a large enough branch to stand on, I was waiting for him.

He ran at me and I got my boomerang out and threw it at his legs, tripping him up. After he had fell he threw his knife at me, which hit me in the leg, I was too busy focusing on catching my boomerang to dodge it. I yelled in pain and took it out, the wound healing several seconds later to Zahkon’s shocked surprise again.
I advanced towards him and he shot up and came at me. We exchanged fists on the tree branch for a minute, neither of us gaining the upper hand until I had enough; I kicked the branch with a lot of force which caused it to snap down the middle. Zahkon stumbled and fell towards the ground.

I had not realised how high up we were and realised he would die if he landed, so I jumped off of the branch to grab him when something happened that I thought very strange. The blue markings on his body glowed, and he began chanting words. I don’t think he did it intentionally because his eyes looked terrified at what his body was clearly doing on its own accord.

I however did recognise it; magic.

The End

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