I watched as the questers broke off into pairs. Destran and Yara went to a table to look over a map, while Zakhon and Lyra went to another corner to romantacize. I gave them all a wide berth, trying to figure out how I would join them. I leaned against the bar.

"I'm going to go with them, Mom." I said, determined. She simply nodded, wiping out a glass and setting it on the bar.

"How will you do that dearie?"

"I'm still working on that." I crossed my arms, thinking hard. Suddenly Jack walked in.

"Barkeep. Ale. Now." He said loudly, plunking down in a seat. My mom obliged, sliding a foaming tankard in his direction. Jack downed it in a gulp.

"refill!" he said holding out the now empty glass.  Warily, my mom refilled his glass, relaxing as he drank it (a bit) slower.

"Thank you for bringing the Darma to the village!" I walked up to the slightly intoxicated hero. "You have no idea what it me--" Jack held up his hand, cutting me off.

"Whoa there missy, I don't save people, I don't save whole villages! not on purpose anyway. Your little backwater village can starve for all i care. I was just trying to stay out of trouble."

I sat on a stool, kind of speechless. So much for the heroic, unselfish guy. I thought. I forced a smile onto my face.

"Well thanks anyway."

"Don't bother."

A bit put off I walked towards Destran and Yara. Their heads were bowed close together over the map, it was too nice a picture, I didn't want to intrude, I didn't even look towards the other couple, already guessing at what I would see. Feeling out of place, I walked out, towards the blacksmith.

When I arrived I saw two things. One, my father was missing, he was probably talking to my mother concerning the new town hero and two, my personal battle axe was on display. I grabbed it before anyone could see and headed for the woods.

The End

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