I poured over the new map. I was still a little steamed with Zahkon for wrecking my other one. I couldnt make heads or tales of the new one, and we wouldnt be moving on until we knew where we were going.

I was thinking of finding the Vaan, their interest in treasure may have attracted information of the Stones whereabouts.

"Barkeep, could I get another drink please." I ordered, grateful for the quiet of the early afternoon's lack of customers.

Then the door banged wide open and that man walked in. I growled under my breath.

"Barkeep. Ale. Now." Jack Valenstar practically shouted before sitting down at the counter.  I glared at him. He'd been rude after the battle, performing inappropriate acts in front of ladies, but there was something else about him I just hated. Maybe it was his offhand attitude towards death, his lack of any kind of societal manners, or the fact he kept hinting that Yara and I were a couple. Which we weren't.

I stood and picked up my map and moved to a table further away. I really hated that man.

The End

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