The Village

My village was small, consisting only of a tavern and blacksmith, with some houses and a small general store.

We turned onto the main street, I held my breath, anticipating my people's reaction to the strange group I was leading.

"Is that my daughter returned to us? Before her trial is complete?" A gruff voice called out to us. I turned to see my father, a large man in a leather apron, coming out of the blacksmith's, still holding his large hammer, and the molten end of a sword. I stepped forward.

"They killed the creature, Papa, I don't need to go on the trial anymore."

My father crossed his arms over his chest. "Impossible." he said. Jack stepped forward.

"Don't listen to her, I killed the creature, these fools didn't know what hit them until i showed up!" He said impishly, bowing low, with considerable flourishes. It was far from submissive, it just looked goofy. I stifled a giggle. Jack straightened with a jerk and adresed my father again.

"What award will you give me, for doing what all the people in this puny village couldn't?" he demanded.

"Get out of my village!" My father yelled. "You walk into my village and demand that I give you something?" I stepped forward, about to stop him when Jack held out his hand. I stepped back curious. 

"Of course," he said. "I took care of your little problem, so I am demanding an award!" The molten sword, now kind of less molten, flicked up towards his throat. Jack laughed. "Try it, I dare you!" My father's eyes narrowed. He dropped the sword.

"You may stay." He walked back into the blacksmith's shop. Destran moved forward.

"Thank you, sir, you are very kind!" he said, politely. My father just grunted in reply.

We all moved towards the inn, where my mother appeared.

"Daughter! What are you doing back!"

"Is there anyone in this town that she's not related to?" I heard whispered behind me. I ignored them and adressed my mother.

"These people need a place to stay." I said bluntly.My mother waved us inside the inn, where we all sat around a large table to plan the next move.

The End

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