I yanked the sword out of the ground and cleaned the blade. Glancing around at the motely group I frowned. Two new mouths to feed probably. The new girl seemed alright, but that man, I hated him on sight.

I turned to the warrior girl.

"Is there a village nearby? We need to buy new supplies."

The girl nodded, surprised, then pointed with her axe. "Yeah, my village is that way."

I gestured at her to lead the way. "Zakhon can catch up to us," I assured Lyra. "I'm not sure he'd like civilization much, even little civilization."

"Hey! Dont dis my village." Brena said, brandishing her axe, but she was grinning. We set off through the trees, or at least the two siviere and I did, following Brena. I didnt check to see if the man Valenstar was following. I hoped he wasnt.

The End

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