Dinner Is Served



The fight finished as the newcomer sliced through the beasts head. We were all still in shock. It had all happened so quickly. Once the darma burst into the clearing my mind went into overdrive to try to combat the threat. We had been losing badly until the male had arrived and eventually killed the darma. We were all exhausted, yet the male was getting on my nerves. After he killed the beast he started doing something to it which I found extremely offensive. How dare he dishonour the fallen beast like that?! I was practically fuming, but I forgot about him as Lyra collapsed onto the ground at my feet.

“Hey what’s wrong?” I asked her quietly so as not to alert the others to her pain.

“Nothing” she said as she tried to smile but it turned into a grimace. I picked her up in my arms and walked over to Yara ignoring Lyra’s protests. I told Yara I was just taking Lyra to the water to heal her. I lowered her gently into the water in case I made her injuries worse than they already were. Her melted into her water shape once again and stayed like that for a few moments before emerging from the water in her human form once again.

“Are you ok now?” I asked as she stepped towards me looking better already.

“Yeah, I’m fine now thanks” she said as she gently kissed my cheek before walking back over to check on Yara. I was in shock once again at what had just happened, but I was ripped from my little moment of joy by the incessant moaning of the stupid male whom was still complaining about not having food like a little baby unable to fend for itself.

I stormed towards him, grabbing Destran’s sword from his hand as I passed. Ignoring his cry of protest I continued towards the new male. I raised the sword high into the air and slashed down swiftly slicing deep into muscle and through the bone and passing out through muscle again. The leg fell to the ground with a small pool of blood forming around it. I picked it up and threw it at him, knocking him to the ground with the force of the throw.

“Eat that!” I yelled at him. He had killed the darma, we might as well make use of it for food now while it was fresh. I stormed back towards the rest of the group who were now looking completely stunned. I launched Destran’s sword point first into the ground so hard that most of the blade disappeared into the hard ground.

“I could hardly kill him after he saved us could I? And there’s nothing more disrespectful than wasting a felled animal” I muttered as I continued past them and on into the forest that the new female and the darma had emerged from.

The End

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