I stared incredulously at both of the newcomers, the girl who was still holding her axe and the man who was now tea bagging the dead creature we’d all just been fighting!

"Who are you? How did you do all that?" Destran asked as everyone else was still gawping at this strange newcomer and I, my legs feeling as though they couldn’t support me any longer sank to the ground.

"My name is Valenstar, Jack Valenstar!" the guy replied arrogantly, making me frown at him, he had just saved all our lives yet I couldn’t help but hate him. "And you owe me some food! Kicking ass always gives me an appetite!" Jack demanded almost gleefully.

Destran ignored this comment and turned to the other newcomer, “Who are you?” he asked trying to remain calm and smile at the girl but struggling, it appeared that I wasn’t the only one who was aggravated by Jack.

“My name is Brena, and I am terribly sorry for leading that Darma here and for putting out your fire but….” She trailed off looking sheepish; Destran on the other hand was smiling more warmly at Brena.

“Are you joking, your apologizing, if it hadn’t been for you we all would have been dead, don’t be sorry.

“AHEM” Jack said loudly to Destran, “Two things, oneIsaved you all and two, WHERE IS MY FOOD?”

“Yes yes I know you saved us too” Destran said dismissing it with a wave of his hand  which seemed to aggravate Jack more as he began chucking loose pebbles at Destran’s head.

My ears stopping listening to Destran and Jack arguing after a while however as I realized that my vision was slightly blurred, I pushed my head in my hands let out a stifled moan of pain. That creature whatever it was had injured me and I had been so busy trying to defend myself and my friends that I hadn’t had time to heal myself.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Zahkon asked me concern in his eyes.

“Nothing” I said putting on a brave smile which convinced no-one especially not Zahkon, who scooped me into his arms.

“What are you doing?” I hissed at him but it became clear what he was doing when he nudged Yara who turned to look at Zahkon and he said, “I’m just taking Lyra to some water so she can cure herself, I think the Darma injured her. Yara nodded and Zahkon turned and carried me a little way from the group and placed me oh so carefully into the steam.

I let out a sigh of relief as I became at one with the water and my injuries were healing.

“Are you okay now?” Zahkon asked as I climbed out of the water and became human once more.

“Yeah, I’m fine now thanks” I said pressing my lips gently against his cheek then walking slowing back to Yara and the others.

The End

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